GPEL Partners with Corning to Bring the World’s Strongest Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Smartphones

GPEL has teamed up with Corning to bring the most powerful glass screen protector for smartphone screens with its GPEL Accessory Glass by Corning® Screen Protector.

San Diego, CA – 11th May, 2016 – Using your smartphone just got less worrisome.  Partnered with internationally leading specialty glass manufacturer Corning, GPEL has brought the world’s strongest tempered glass screen protector for smartphones.  GPEL’s premium Accessory Glass by Corning® Screen Protector provides the toughest edge-to-edge solution to screen protection currently available on the market.

Smartphones are prone to sudden drops and crashes given our hectic lifestyle and just a few scratches can blemish your beautiful touchscreen,” said a GPEL spokesperson.  “Corning is one of the most respected names worldwide in damage-resistant glass covers for smartphones and we are proud of our recent partnership with such a prestigious label.  If you are a person of extreme lifestyle, your smartphone demands the most extreme protection; look no further than our Accessory Glass by Corning® Screen Protector.”

One of the international leaders in the materials science sector for over 160 years, Corning is famous for its unmatched expertise in areas of specialty glass as well as ceramics & optical physics.  Its innovative steps in materials and processing have built new industries and transformed lives for the better.

“We introduced Accessory Glass by Corning® in 2015 and were very pleased by the market acceptance.  We are now bringing a new product innovation to this market which we believe will provide screen-protector consumers with even more benefits,” said Clifford Hund, president of Corning East Asia in a February 18th news release by Corning.  “Compared with soda-lime glass or plastic films used in many screen protectors, Accessory Glass 2 by Corning® offers better scratch resistance and helps reduce breakage.  This product offers a step change in performance for consumers who choose to add a screen protector to their device,” the release further explains.

The toughened glass can withstand all sorts of mishaps, nicks, bumps & regular abuse and still remain flawless.  The surface is chemically strengthened by deep compression via ion-exchange and is flawlessly produced via Corning’s proprietary fusion process.  The resulting glass is exceptionally durable, smooth and clear.

“In case you are worried that the added layer of protective glass will interfere with your touch operations, don’t.  We guarantee that our screen protector won’t diminish your screen’s sensitivity,” said a senior GPEL engineer.  “We inspect all screen protectors individually for quality down to the finest detail to assure that each is worthy of the GPEL and Corning names.  Our latest Accessory Glass by Corning® Screen Protector guarantees you a significant advantage in performance over many other commonly available screen covers.”

A globally reputed manufacturer of tempered glass smartphone screen protectors & related accessories, GPEL has been operating for around a decade now.  The company caters to customers in more than 40 countries and has sold over 150 million screen protectors.

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