Under 10 for 10 Promotion Announced by Ceramic Paring Knife & Peeler Set Manufacturer CHEFPRO CROWN

“75% Discount – ONLY $9.79”
$9.79 Price (75% Discount) for 10 Days Sale Announcement

Kitchenware manufacturer CHEFPRO CROWN today in a statement announced that they would be having a sales promotional event over the next 10 days selling their 5 Stars rated Premium Ceramic Paring Knife & Peeler Set at a 75% discounted price to its RRP for the next 10 days or until stocks ran out. The Paring Knife set which has over 400 reviews and a 5 star rating on Amazon US has been a favourite in the run up to Mothers day and the comapny announced that it wanted to extend the discount so that as many people can try ceramic kitchenware.

A spokesperson for CHEFPRO CROWN explained, “High quality ceramic knives are sharper than steel, they don’t rust and they stay sharper for 10 times longer than their steel couterparts. they make a great addition to any kitchen. In the past they were extremely expensive but we are now able to offer every kitchen in every household in America the opportunity to try ceramic knives at a massively reduced price.”

CHEFPRO CROWN currently manufacture and distribute a ceramic paring knife and peeler set on Amazon US. The Ceramic Paring Knife & Peeler Set comprises a Y shaped peeler with a ceramic blade and a 3 inch paring knife with a double sided polished blade and an extra long handle for better control. The set is currently available at a 75% discount to enable as many people to try them as possible.

Here are some recent review comments:

The knife and peeler came nicely packaged in a small rectangular box, tightly fit so that they weren’t bouncing around the box during travel.
Being as though they are ceramic, I was very doubtful at their abilities. Welp, I can say I quickly ate my words! I have never peeled a cucumber so quickly in my life. The peeler slides so easily through whatever it is you are peeling and it only takes the skin off, unlike metal peelers where you have to be careful not o push too hard as you can cut in to the fruit/vegetable.
The knife is SO sharp! It can slice through almost anything as if it were butter! I am so impressed I am practically speechless.

If you’re looking for a great, sharp pairing knife, this item is for you.

This is one of the best paring knives and peeler sets out there.

CHEFPRO CROWN’s Ultra Sharp Ceramic Paring Knife and Peeler is fantastic. They are indeed sharp. I had very less effort in peeling and cutting fruits as well as vegetables. Peeling, slicing and dicing have never been easier. I like that the knife comes with a protector and I love it even more that both the knife and peeler is placed on an EVA hard foam protective tray.


CHEFPRO CROWN are manufacturers and distributors of kitchenware products.  Find the Ultra Sharp Ceramic Paring Knife and Vegetable Peeler Set on Amazon USA.

Look out for special addition discounts on the website of the company at www.chefprocrown.com

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