Focusky Gets Thumbs up for The Best PowerPoint Alternative by Teachers

Explaining concepts to students has been a tough job. For children in kindergarten to students in universities, explaining is always preferred as accompanied by bright colorful pictures and amazing animation. Pictorial references and short descriptions are easy to understand and register on the mind. However, while PowerPoint was fine, teachers and students would like something more innovative and interesting. This is why teachers have now taken help from Focusky’s best PowerPoint alternative.

Focusky has offered presentation software that has revolutionized presentations worldwide. From teachers to start-up entrepreneurs to even established business houses, everyone wants some change in their presentations. Same-old templates and layouts are so done and dusted. This is why students, teachers and entrepreneurs do not mind using the best PowerPoint alternativefrom Focusky with smart Formula editor, which is in-built in the software.

How Focusky scores over others with best PowerPoint alternative software?

  • Rich media and layout: The software from Focusky has made setting up an instructional presentation so easy. There are even plenty of free templates for the teachers to choose from for their presentation.
  • Latest Formula editor: The Formula editor has now upped the level of sophisticated animation, and the presentation’s overall look that it is sure to mesmerize the students.
  • Audio presentation now gets interesting: With high quality audio narration to record, the teachers can now have instructional tutorials done in no time!
  • Easy to share and embed: Presentations completed with best PowerPoint alternative software, will also get their own URL and this can be used to share on social media platforms too.

Teachers and students can also produce the completed presentations in any of the formats they so need. This is simply great!

About the company:

Jason Chan, the President of Focusky has been offering innovative software solutions to various industries, and this PowerPoint alternative software is surely the best one from the company so far!

You can get more detailed information about the software by visiting the Showcase

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