Rust Bucket to Trendy Starbucks: The outlook on modern shipping containers by Element Space Inc

Shipping containers have been around for as long as there have been goods which needed to be shipped. Today’s modern shipping containers are designed to last, survive heavy use, contain large loads of shifting weight, and to be packed together to maximum shipping capacity. Which has made them the ideal containers for DYI’ers to repurpose into modular homes and for enterprising architects to reuse for modular and mobile businesses’. This is mostly due to the fact these heavy containers are frequently abandoned after they deliver their cargo because of the cost to ship them, empty, back to their port is more than what costs to make them in the first place. It’s cheaper for shipping companies to abandon them and buy more at their home ports.  

As a result, these containers have sat around clogging up space around shipping points, and in junk yards, for years just waiting for ambitious DIY’ers to come along and put them to use. Almost a decade ago we started to see the use of shipping containers changing to modular homes and the technology has taken off. We have seen homes, with a thousand square feet, made from multiple containers that were bought for pennies on the dollar.  

The modern shipping container is now even more modular and interchangeable today. There are companies dedicated specifically to manufacturing shipping containers made to the buys specific design and requirements. They are cheap and green buildings that reuse abandoned containers and gives their owners new lives as trendy homes and cafes. These renamed pop-up containers have become a quick and cheap solution for small start-up businesses looking to draw attention to their brand but who want to stay in a sustainable budget.  

Starbucks has even gotten into the trend by making a shipping container coffee shop in Tukwilla, Washington. The prototype store, known as The Reclamation Drive-Thru, is 450 square feet and was built from four refurbished shipping containers to operate as both a drive-thru and walk-up store. With the coffee industry is purported to be worth more than $15 billion a year with room for growth if a new company is willing to be creative. 

Pop-Up Containers can be made to any specifications, moldable on the fly with little staff to set them up and as complicated or simple as the customer desires. These days the pop-up container coffee shop is fully mobile and they can provide an excellent new avenue for coffee sales. Starbucks has already capitalized on this mode of business operations by ordering more pop-up containers after their success with The Reclamation Drive-Thru. Shipping containers are, of course, supposed to be used in shipping freight but with the costs of shipping freight going up, and demand going down, we expect that shipping container manufacturers will be looking for a way to continue to sell their products.  

The Pop-Up Coffee-Shop is as modern as it is sustainable with some companies such as Element Space Inc offering anything that you could want from sides which fold up at a push of button to a full technology suite built into the container with wi-fi and touch screen solutions. Whatever idea that you have for shipping containers the market supply for them is larger than the demand right now which makes it the perfect time to invest in your future. 

About Element Space Inc.

We are the leading innovator in designing and building modular structures using shipping containers. We are located in Guangzhou, China, but can deliver worldwide. We can create any permanent or temporary structure including: shipping container homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, tiny houses, pop-up shops, man camps, dormitories, apartments, storage facilities, trade show & event displays, emergency housing, bathroom facilities, and more!

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