Rasdale Stamp Company Nurtures B2C Relationships Through Various Online Channels

Rasdale Stamp Company uses various online capabilities to allow clients a preview of various collectors items included in their May21-22 auction, fun facts, and live auction options.

Keeping clients informed of a company’s business and trade is a factor that is crucial in the B2C relationship. Rasdale Stamp Company understands this and utilizes the various outlets at their disposal to inform their clients of the items that will be featured in their auctions, to allow for budgeting and planning. They also provide various reading and viewable materials that help inform their clients of various collector and philatelic news. Rasdale Stamp Company also provides the option of participating in their live auctions online or by proxy, for interested buyers that are unable to make it to the auction site. Rasdale Stamp Company knows that continually updating clients through various portals is the best way to keep their clients informed of all news, happenings, and updates.

Visibility is a key factor for companies to focus on in their B2C relationships, since it leads to familiarity and trust. Rasdale Stamp Company fully understands this and they keep their clients updated in all manner of helpful tips and fun facts, as well as informing them of lot additions and the happenings of auction materials. This helps clients to be kept up to date with all of the materials available during upcoming auctions. Doing this gives their clients a good view and understanding of the condition of the pieces, along with some philatelic or collectors fun facts. Keeping their clients up to date with all of its lot acquisitions and the stories behind them keeps Rasdale Stamp Company in their client’s eye, and interest levels up.

Rasdale Stamp Company utilizes its outlets not only to rally interest in upcoming auctions, but to also bring its clients various news in the collector and philatelic world. They use social media to directly connect with a lot of their clients. This is an important step in the B2C relationship. By having all of these readable and viewable pieces available for their clients, they make the company more approachable and accessible. Keeping clients updated with news of the collecting trade helps keep clients engaged and interested.

Rasdale Stamp Company also opens up their live auctions to philatelist and collectors everywhere by using online capabilities. This is a great way to include many out of town clients in the auctions that Rasdale Stamp Company holds. They use the internet to bring more options to their clients. This is just another of the many ways Rasdale Stamp Company utilizes the internet to bring information to their clients.

More information can be found at http://www.rasdalestamps.com/auction.asp

Rasdale Stamp Company is a business that has dealt with collectors and philatelists for over 80 years. They are third generation family owned and run. The company is a member of the American Stamp Dealers Association, National Stamp Dealers Association, Midwest Stamp Dealers Association, Florida Stamp Dealers Association, and American Philatelic Society, assuring their clients the highest degree of professionalism.

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