Futuristic Sound & LED Light Therapy The EDGE seeks crowdfunding support at Indiegogo

Rising medical equipment company ARRC LED has launched crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for its futuristic Audio and full body PhotoBioModulation system called The EDGE. The system is designed to create peak mind & body performance without side effects.

San Clemente, CA – 12th May, 2016 – New medical equipment company ARRC LED has launched crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for its futuristic full body sound & light therapy system.

The EDGE has been manufactured in the US in GMP-compliant FDA registered facility and is dubbed as the most advanced & powerful system made today, yet a price that is nearly half of similarly position competitors.

“Our mission is to make full body sound and light therapy both affordable and available to all populations.  The system is designed to help users Feel, Think, Look and Perform Better without side effects.  It has a wide range of applications covering wellness, health, performance & beauty sectors. Studies performed by eminent research facilities like Stanford, Harvard, NASA, Mass General and more have shown amazing, often ‘too good to be true’ benefits on mental & physical performance.”

“We have initiated the first of several FDA approvals and are reaching out to the public to help with future clinical studies and approvals.  We invite potential backers to join us in bringing this side effect free technology into the public domain.  Each backer is offered a special price that will save thousands when the machine receives its first approval (estimated November 2016).”

“We believe that people and small businesses will drive the demand for side effect free treatment modalities.  Our Indiegogo launch is a way for people to both participate, and benefit directly from that participation,” stated Mike McIntyre, the President of the team behind EDGE.

The campaign has a goal of gathering up to $55,000 by the early quarter of June.  The ARRC LED has already created the system and initiated the clearance for pain relief.   

The EDGE integrates multiple technologies into one system that together have been shown in published and Peer Reviewed studies to present these key benefits:

• Stress & anxiety reduction to enhance full body wellness
• Speed recovery from injury, disease and illness
• Improve skin tone and reduced wrinkles
• Enhance mitochondrial function and cellular energy
• Enhanced muscular performance and recovery
• Protect the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and nervous system
• Reduce inflammation, the leading cause of the majority of mortality diseases

The EDGE comprises of Trans4m! & ARRC LED EDGE.

Trans4m! is a sound therapy system designed to reduce mental, physiological and psychological stress & enhance cognitive performance, focus and memory. The staged system integrates Frequency, Agreement, Messaging & Coherence into each of over 60 unique audio sessions.  McIntyre compares Trans4m! to a health club for the mind.

Powered by over 15,000 LEDs, The ARRC LED EDGE is a full body photobiomodulation chamber that works to make the body stronger and healthier.  The cellular benefits seem to lessen oxidative stress, inflammation detoxify cells, enhance energy & more.

Amazing perks are waiting campaign supporters. These include a huge selection of mind-enhancing sessions, a preloaded flash drive and a future saver’s voucher for the EDGE LED chamber. A donation of $500 would be rewarded with Business Advantage Package where 5 EDGE systems would be offered at a discounted price for their own full body PBM business. A higher donation of $8997 would be honored with a massive $9,000 savings on The EDGE Audio & Light Therapy chamber up until June 1, 2017.

To support The EDGE, click here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smarter-stronger-healthier-better-get-the-edge–2#/

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