Exclusive Chornobyl Wasteland VR Documentary Seeks Support With Kickstarter Crowdfunding

A young bunch of engineers and artists from Ukraine has launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in support of their unique Virtual Reality interactive documentary Chornobyl360 that will offer insights on most restricted regions of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Haarlem, Netherlands – 12th May, 2016 – A motivated bunch of young engineers, IT professionals and artists from Ukraine has launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in support of their exclusive Chornobyl wasteland Virtual Reality documentary Chornobyl360. For the first time ever, this interactive documentary will allow a birds-eye view through 360-degree look into most restricted regions of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone- the true “wasteland” today.

The campaign was launched on April 26 that marks the 30th anniversary of the horrific nuclear accident of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The worst nuclear disaster ever, the incident took away hundreds of lives and produced long-term menacing effects like cancers which are being investigated still.

Launched under the name Chernobyl 360 VR, UN has already taken note of the project.

“What’s unique about our project is that, for the first time, we will allow you to have an insight on the contemporary life at the exclusive restricted disaster zone which has not been covered ever. With the use of state of the art VR technology we have brought in a new way of interactive storytelling here that will allow you to almost physically get in touch & hear experiences of the living witnesses & locals living in the very Zone now,” stated Kirill Pokutnyy, the author & producer of the documentary.

“But such a huge project has involved cutting edge machineries & top pros from the industry which mean a robust financial backup. Thus, we have launched this crowdfunding campaign and your support would be much appreciated.”

Apart from Pokutnyy, the other major players in the team are Sergey Tereschenko [Executive Producer, CEO, co-founder of WIT LLC and Verum Visum Fund], Alexander Livshits [Director and co-founder of Verum Visum Fund] and Semion Bolotin [Co-founder of Verum Visum Fund, Executive Producer].

The documentary will allow viewers to see the Nuclear Plant & Exclusion Zone from inside through a VR headset – and they would also have this rare opportunity to have an up-close view of new sarcophagus & flyover under construction over the Zone. Most importantly, the documentary will introduce viewers to plant workers, locals & engineers who have got back to that Zone & trying hard to make things inhabitable again.

“Our project offers this exclusive opportunity to have a close look on the disaster without risking your health. It’s our mission to educate people about the heinous results of unmindful human ambitions & create awareness about the locals here.”

A bunch of amazing rewards are waiting for the donators. Based on the donation amount, the donators would be rewarded with unique personal postcards right from Chernobyl Post Office, digital early access to unique documentary episode, access to final documentary & all DLCs, VR Documentary Almanac reward with official cardboard V2, official T-shirt, original Soviet capacity Cumulative Dosimeter Unit artifact etc.

Higher donations reaching 100 Euros and more would be rewarded with limited edition book on Chornobyl disaster, Exclusion Zone map-case, limited edition personal dosimeter, limited edition Exclusion Zone hand printed photo series, guided tour to Chornobyl and a special meet with film crew.

“Donators supporting us with 2,000, 2,500, 5,000 Euros & more would have the facility to be the co-producer, to have space for brand sponsorship and to be associate producer of our documentary respectively.”

To support the exclusive Chernobyl 360 VR documentary, please visit Kickstarter

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