Latest Hip hop Single “In My Zone” Pulls In 1,000,000 views in Just 5 days

Rising hip hop artist Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser has come up with a new single “In My Zone” which is making waves all over and has already fetched 1,000,000 views in Just 5 days on YouTube

Saarbrücken, Germany – 12th May, 2016 –  Great news for hip hop fans looking for something fresh and different this year – latest hip hop single “In My Zone” is making waves all over with its unique international style music, amazing video and it has already pulled in a whopping 1,000,000 views in Just 5 days on YouTube. It is penned and recorded by rising German hip hop artist Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser who is dubbed as one of the most influential artists of the future.

The new single is a part of Boloman’s album “CHILSTARSFAMILLY”, produced by the young talented singer himself and Professor Dr. Anton. Boloman founded his recording company “The Chilstarsfamilly” a couple of years back.

The single starts on a positive note speaking of the dawn, no matter how black the night is and that one should “turn the lights on”, play the music and celebrate. It champions the success zone where the singer currently finds himself in after long rigorous struggle and inspires others to hope for the same, despite the ups & downs of life. The motivating track advises to move on with hope and confidence, irrespective of the present situation.

Hailing from Libreville district in Gabon, Boloman had a struggling childhood but he never gave up & went on fighting. A brilliant student in academics and an equally talented name on the soccer field, he also started penning poems from an early age and even was a part of a theater group since the age of ten. He dreamt of having a great career in soccer but it was a serious car crash that destroyed his hopes of making in the football field. When everything seemed to fall apart, he sought refuge in Nightlife Style & soon came into touch with R&B singer Yannick. With Yannick, Boloman performed at a number of stage shows and after a huge success there, he contemplated of giving a serious shot to the music scene – and thus started his foray as a professional songwriter & recordist. He won awards in Germany & went out on tours with famous American stars for shows in Switzerland, Dubai & France, before he founded his own recording company in 2014.

“In My Zone” has already received rave reviews and comments from its happy listeners. Inspired by the great lyrics, many of the listeners have urged Boloman to not to give up ever and come up with such more and more amazing tracks.

“It has the best rap ever,” commented one of the listener-fans of In My Zone. Many of them have heaped praises for the tempo and amazing creative flow of the track.

“The beat and the entire track is just amazing,” stated another happy user.

In My Zone is soon to be the upcoming song of 2016 and It seems Boloman was right when he was singing –

“I came, I saw, I saw
I could not get it wrong, I conquered

The wait was too long
But now i’m in my zone…”

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