PlantSnap – Revolutionary Mobile Phone App Can Identify Plant Species With The Snap Of A Photo

An interactive application where user efforts and Mother Nature determine success.

Telluride, Colorado, United States – May 12, 2016 – PlantSnap is a plant identification app for mobile devices that can identify over 200,000 types of plants worldwide. It also gathers data that will be used for education, gaming, safety, gardening, landscaping and much more. The creators,, launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $65,000 by June 2016. The funds received will be used to complete the development of the full-featured app. 

The planet contains more than 200,000 different types of plants. These include house plants, grasses, flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables – just to name a few. Some species are endemic to certain regions, while others thrive across the globe. Some plants are beneficial, or have medicinal purposes while others can be intrusive or perhaps even poisonous.  With an overwhelming number of plants, it can be difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish between specific species. is currently developing the world’s first mobile application that allows users to capture a plant’s image and identify that plant in seconds. The conceptual application is capable of classifying images of leaves. A user can simply “snap” an image of a leaf on a white background with their mobile device, and the application displays a species match and relevant scientific information about the plant. 

A fully functioning PlantSnap app will provide users with specific information about that plant, group, family, growth habits, native status and much more. There will be a wiki feature that uses the built-in GPS technology of mobile devices to automatically log discovery locations made by users. Social networking and competition style gaming, such as scavenger hunts, will provide an interactive experience that entice users to participate daily, adding to the overall experience and expanding the global database. 

Building a full-featured mobile application will require further work. will have to implement the iOS application itself, as well as an API server, a classifying server and a web backend. The API server is intended to handle requests for the application, which includes business logic, species database, user management etc. The classifying server is a stand-alone application with a single responsibility – image processing and classifications. 

The creators, along with a partner company experienced in creating image recognition apps, have completed the proof-of-concept stage, and now all that remains are the necessary funds to complete the project. 

Click here to make a contribution. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. These perks will be delivered from July to September 2016. 

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