Complete A-Z Amazon Workshop Program Introduced by Amz Trainer

FLORIDA – 13 May, 2016 – A new program is providing a comprehensive, detailed training system for entrepreneurs who want to succeed at setting up successful Amazon businesses.

AMZTrainer ( is a program created by two young entrepreneurs who worked in the corporate world for a decade before founding an online business selling products on Amazon and eBay. Today, they are earning six figures and we able to quit their corporate 9-to-5 jobs.

AMZTrainer’s team is offering new online training workshop called “Earn In Millions (EIM) – Amazon Workshop” that explains everything a person needs to know to earn passive income by launching products for sale on Amazon. The web-based training program includes sections on:

• how to find hot products to sell online that can be sourced and launched immediately, generating sales;
• how and where to source products, buying low and selling high;
• how to market and sell products on Amazon from home to buyers around the world;
• how to increase sales revenues by building a strong brand; and much more.

“We have partnered with product sourcing company in china, Listing Optimization company in USA, Official Amazon Photoshoot Partners in UK, India, Amazon Sellers who are making above $300K/Month will be taking online sessions. We are creating a complete on-going Amazon Journey,” said Ahamed, spokesperson for AMZ Trainer. “We have created this online workshop that allows us to share our knowledge with others so they can be empowered to start their own Amazon businesses in a few easy steps.”

Unlike other online courses and business management institutes, the AMZTrainer program comes with complete end-to-end support and monthly coaching calls to ensure that participants are benefiting from the program and earning money as well.

Seating in the “EIM-Amazon Workshop” program is limited to the first 300 people who register. Interested parties can subscribe online at

At the AMZ Trainer site, visitors who provide an email address will  receive a  Mini E-commerce Tips and Tricks about Amazon Business  to get started as well as emails with updated training schedules.

Learn more about AMZ Trainer and watch an informational video about the program at

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