A Business Opportunity Salespeople can Rent

Our Digital Age ushers in a new and easier path to true Business Ownership through the wonderful world of Renting, and salespeople everywhere are recipients of these exciting opportunities.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – 13 May, 2016 – Florida-based directory publisher, EatLeasing.com has joined the booming “Rental Revolution” following in the footsteps of popular AirBNB and UBER, both of which have dramatically changed the face of established business practice.

Renting is rapidly becoming the newest approach to self-employment without the large investment. Easily affordable monthly payments allow for enormous earning potential. There’s even a term for it now; by becoming a “Rentrepreneur” which aptly describes someone who rents out their extra resources to increase their income. AirBNB.com is a prime example of this willingness for people to make money with the resources they already have, and in the case of EatLeasing.com, that resource is simply one’s own ability to sell, or network with owners and managers in the restaurant business.

In this digital age, anyone with drive and determination coupled with a bit of sales savvy can turn their own local “Eat Directory” into a virtual ATM. Unlike restaurant reviews like Zagat, or restaurant finders like Zomato (formally Urban Spoon), Eat Leasing is local to a particular area and does not subscribe feedback recommendations, realizing that people have differing tastes whose comments are usually subjective and therefore of little value.

A local Eat Directory offers a substantial revenue potential with very low risk, a career opportunity, and a very affordable path to owning a business. “Why spend the cash to buy a business when you can rent one and profit immediately?” said Tim Papadeas, VP of Operations, who continued to declare “salespeople are the very backbone of every economy worldwide and are seldom recognized for their overall social and economic contributions, often mistreated by their own company.”

Mr. Papadeas cautioned that the opportunity is limited to only one individual per designated territory, and added “This rental is a genuine possibility to own an advertising business with no royalties or long-term commitments, and can be operational in three weeks or less. Salespeople are immediately armed with a full support staff that design and produce the local ads they will be selling.”

Salespeople get to keep all ad sales income for a low monthly rent, which is easily covered with just a couple of ad sales. As long as the rent is current, they’re in business and have complete authority to sublease or sell their territory and associated good will.

For those who doubt what this opportunity can provide, Eat Leasing offers a straight commission option for a salesperson to “test drive” the business and earn a generous commission with no further strings attached, other than completing a brief Sales Rep Application at http://adsalesjob.com/

For more information visit www.EatLeasing.com

Watch “The First Steps to YOUR Financial Future” video on You Tube https://youtu.be/5yhkbmVcFuE

About Eat Leasing:

Eat Leasing is the flagship product of InBiz Leasing, LLC based in Ormond Beach, Florida. Changing the face of how salespeople do business, the site is the newest way to engage the marketplace with low overhead. Profits are based on ad sales purchased by restaurant owners endeavoring to service consumers with a convenient directory. InBiz Leasing is slated to release other online niche directories available for rent in various fields and vocations.

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