Therese Murphy Releases “Mercury in Retrograde” Video

CHICAGO – Therese Murphy, the popular psychic entertainer and noted, intuitive astrologer announced today that she has published a new video discussing the effects of “Mercury in Retrograde,” an astrological phenomenon that is taking place through May 22. Mercury retrograde cycles often correspond with stressful, challenging times for people. The video explains Mercury retrograde cycles for the layperson, offering insights and recommendations on how to handle the experience. It is Murphy’s first ever appearance on video.

“People groan about Mercury retrograde cycles,” said Murphy. “But, its energies are noticeable and real. Mercury in retrograde affects our perceptions of life events and correlates with delays and frustrated communications, making it difficult to be our best. Yet, there are ways to get through the cycle that will benefit you.”

Mercury retrograde cycles refer to a period of time when the orbit of the planet Mercury slows down, making it appear – from Earth’s perspective – as if it is moving backwards in the sky. From an astrological perspective, Mercury retrograde cycles often manifest as life “going in the wrong direction.” In the video, Murphy assures audiences that Mercury retrograde cycles are something useful to know about, not something to be feared. Her natural style and explanation coalesce with her values around demystifying astrology and making it accessible in practical ways.

Since 1998, Murphy has been one of the most popular psychic entertainers and Tarot Card readers in Chicago. Consider Therese Murphy | Psychic Entertainment as she invites the curious into her world, and discover why corporations choose Murphy as a professional psychic to entertain employees, important guests, clients and associates.

Murphy is well-known for her positive approach and insightful readings. People of all ages agree that her kindness, intelligence and warmth make Murphy’s readings uplifting and easy to hear. Murphy is a member of The American Tarot Association, The American Federation of Astrologers, The International Society for Astrological Research and The Friends of Astrology, Inc.

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