GoldMore Begins To Venture into the European Market by Opening A New Office In Wurzburg, Germany

GoldMore today annouunced the opening of a new office in Europe. The office is strategically located in Frankfurter Strasse No 17, Würzburg, Germany. This comes at a time when the company aims to expand its presence in the European Market.

“We chose Germany due to the large domestic market that is well placed for a sustained and robust growth in the midst of Euro-zone troubles, besides its strategic location, which will enable us to serve all customers within Europe without incurring much operational costs,” said Ixchel Chun, GoldMore marketing manager. “Furthermore, this is an industrial hub in this region and demand for LED lighting systems has increased over the past decade.”

GoldMore products

GoldMore is one the reputable Chinese companies that designs and manufacture a wide range of products such as:

• LED camping lanterns

LED book light

• LED work light

• LED night light

• LED headlamps

LED flashlight

These lighting fixtures feature innovative solutions, making them long-lasting, durable and environmentally sustainable. The company has also diversified into other fields and is currently producing:

• Cycling jerseys

• USB fans

• Yoga wear

• Outdoor backpacks

Quality inspection and compliance

All these products have been tested to meet the minimum safety and performance requirements as per the European safety standards. The company holds the following quality compliance certifications:

• CE Testing – No. MTE/DYY/A15010110. This certification of conformity is according to the EMC directive 2014/30/EU

• LUMEN Testing – Testing report no. MTS/RNL/A1510621. All LED lights meet the following key performance criteria: light output (77 lm), beam distance (78m), run time (345 minutes) and peak beam intensity (1535 cd).

• ROHS Testing – Test report no. ES150113026CE. This is per the directive 2011/65/EU of the European parliament. It involves screening by XRF spectroscopy and wet chemical test to determine: lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBBs and PBDEs.

• EMC Testing – this is also a major requirement for all products sold in the European region.

Since the inception of GoldMore in 2008, the company has shown consistent advancement in quality testing and manufacturing procedures. This involves product inspection and fast sample preparation. The company guarantees cost advantage in all its products.

Apart from Europe, GoldMore products are also available in America and other regions. The new office in Wurzburg, Germany becomes the biggest the company has opened outside China. Below are GoldMore’s sales per region:


Sales in %



North America


South America


Asia and other regions


The company’s average turnover per year is 5 million dollars. This turnover will increase, especially after the company introduced new products such as: backpacks in 2014 cycling jerseys in 2012 and outdoor USB fans in 2010.

About GoldMore

Since the inauguration of GoldMore in 2008, the company has become a top-rated LED light products manufacturer. The company designs, manufactures and supplies LED camping lights, LED flashlight, LED night light and LED headlamps among other LED systems. Also, GoldMore produces cycling jerseys, USD fans, yoga wear and backpacks.

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