SpeedCAT, LLC, Unveils Breakthrough PC Performance Optimization Software

PC SpeedCAT™ software offers users free internet speed optimization

SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA – MAY 13, 2016 – SpeedCAT, LLC, has announced the release of their all-new, all-in-one PC performance optimization software. PC SpeedCAT software is now available for PC owners everywhere who are looking for a seamless way to speed up their computers. 

Also, PC SpeedCAT software is the only tool of its kind that offers users internet speed optimization at no cost. This unique feature can noticeably improve users’ internet browsing experience. 

The PC SpeedCAT tool can help PC owners boost the speeds of their computers by efficiently scanning their PC and finding the problems that may be slowing it down. When PC SpeedCAT software finds a problem, it backs up the data and fixes the issue. 

When PC users browse the web, install or uninstall applications, move files, and conduct almost any other function, their computers can become slower over time due to erroneous file associations and application settings. With the PC SpeedCAT application PC owners have a one-stop solution to slow computers. 

Since PC SpeedCAT software can fix issues, PC owners can use one software to monitor and address problems that can slow down their PC. The PC SpeedCAT tool can fix fonts and file associations, conduct internet speed optimizations, manage start-up programs, monitor applications, and more. 

Anyone can use the PC SpeedCAT app for free to find problems with their PC. Currently, the full version is available at a limited time price of 30. Both versions can be downloaded in less than 1 minute, and scan time is usually less than 5 minutes. The free version will optimize your internet speed at no cost. With the full version, PC owners get full PC speed optimization, a full registry scrub, application path optimization, and more. 

PC SpeedCAT software is easy to download and easy to use.

More information can be found at http://www.pcspeedcat.com

About SpeedCAT, LLC 

SpeedCAT, LLC, launched in 2015 and continues to deliver effective applications that help people get the most out of their PCs. 

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