Canadian DJ Tony Sour Releases New Track – Propane (Feat. Natalie Major)

Popular Canadian DJ Tony Sour recently announced the launch of his latest track “Propane” which feature Natalie Major’s mesmerizing vocals. Tony has teamed up with Adym Hym from Blue Label Records to bring a trance inspired trap masterpiece. Lush pads and Crisp top end vocals by the one and only Natalie Major compliment hard hitting 808’s and Armageddon-like chords.

The track was launched on SoundCloud:

DJ Tony is a big believer of exploring new genres and realms for growth as an artist, he has been working his sound and himself. In the latest track he explores a new sub-genre of electric music which required to step out of his comfort zone and the positive response from the listeners hints that the experiment has paid-off.

Tony’s music showcases his journey as an artist in his new track. The seed for Tony’s passion for music and creative forms of expression was sown at a very young age, after he got his hands on his first DJ controller at the age of 14 years. The idea of a career in music sprouted and began to nurture in the back of his mind. Later, much, much later, when Tony was halfway through an economics degree that he finally hit his breaking point, reaching an ultimatum – continue down a promising path, or risk it all in pursuit of a dream. It took many years of hard work, the Electronic Music Production program at The Centre for Arts & Technology, and a relocation to Kelowna B.C. for Tony to reach the position of being a well know DJ in Canada with a substantial local and international fan following. Together with Blue Label Records Tony has played for several shows in the BC and Toronto areas. Throughout this success, Tony has been quietly and diligently honing his craft in his home studio, biding his time and fine tuning his sound.

He is currently hard at work developing his first record that is expected to be released soon. Tony connects with his fans through his social media profiles.



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