Local Mechanical Service Company Announces Service Area Expansion to all of Dallas

When it comes to beating the heat this summer, the best bet is going to be to dive into a building where the AC is on full blast. But for those who find themselves stuck with an AC unit that just isn’t cutting it, it may be time to call in the professionals. Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical is much more than AC repair and replacement.

Dallas, TX – The company has made it their mission to provide the best home repair services in Dallas and surrounding areas, and are doing so by providing the three key services a home needs: plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical.

When something goes wrong in a home, it’s good to have a friendly local company on hand to help remedy the problem quickly. Most people have a list of plumbers, electricians, and other handy services around the home, in the event that something goes wrong and an emergency repair is necessary. For the Dallas/Fort Worth area, that list is just a single name: Berkeys. Berkeys provides an extensive list of their services on their website-everything from plumbing and electrical installations to products and services designed to make a home more energy efficient-as well as seasonal coupons. The company has been serving homes and businesses in Texas for over 35 years, and holds an astoundingly high rating because of it.

“We’ve been using Berkeys for years for our plumbing,” confides Edna Gardner, a proud customer of Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical. “This year when we tried to get the AC rolling, it just seemed to be struggling along, and it didn’t seem that much cooler indoors than out. I was flipping through the yellow pages, trying to decide who to call, when my husband suggested Berkeys. We figured ‘they already know us, they’ve done our plumbing for years, so why not’. Honestly, the best part wasn’t the low prices or how fast they were, it was how friendly and knowledgeable our technician was. We’ll definitely be using them for a lot more than plumbing from now on.”

In addition to their plumbing and HVAC services, Berkeys is a certified and licensed electrician in Dallas. Proper maintenance of a home’s electrical system is crucial to avoiding problems, and to providing a safe home or business environment. All Berkeys employees are certified, highly trained, and specialize in a broad range of commercial and residential electrical services. Our electricians are specially selected for professionalism and experience, and can provide a slew of electrical services, from installing electrical wiring, breaker panels, surge & lightning protection and lighting, to identifying the source of any electrical problems and providing reliable electric repairs.

Berkeys sells America’s top-rated brands for plumbing, AC repair, and heating equipment, all of which is known for high efficiency, reliability, and serviceability. All plumbers with the company have been through rigorous state examinations and understand the state plumbing codes for Texas, all the way down to meager local requirements. This is how Berkeys maintains there A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and continues to lead the field in local newspaper readers’ favorite polls. By serving the homeowner, helping to give every family a safer, more comfortable home, and making sure that the interests of the homeowner come first.

All Berkeys employees are certified and licensed, assuring that each customer, no matter the problem, gets fast, professional service that they can trust. In addition to their plumbing and HVAC services, Berkeys provides products to help a home become more energy efficient, and to improve air quality. As professional as they come, this HVAC company out of Texas provides all your heating and cooling needs. With years of experience in the hard knock world of AC repair, customers can be sure the service they receive is not only well priced, but delivered with a friendly face and a professional devotion to customer satisfaction. While the company may specialize in heating and cooling, they are also a leading provider of plumbing services and electrical services in the Dallas area. The company is consistently taking strides, not to be the best of the best, but to provide their valued customers with quality services and products to improve their homes and standard of living.

For Dallas, TX, Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical is a one stop shop for professional installation and repair of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems.

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Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical is located at 1717 McKinney Ave #700 Dallas, TX, 75202.

Thay can be contacted at (214) 238-8353 or by visiting their website http://www.berkeys.com/

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