Rayming Technology Started Offering Comprehensive PCB Assembly and Testing Services

Rayming Technology, a leading PCB manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, China, recently announced that they will be offering comprehensive PCB manufacturing services.

Rayming Technology, a leading PCB manufacturer from China, recently announced that they have started offering one-stop assembly services. The owners declared that the rapid turnaround prototyping services are beneficial for IT equipment manufacturers and the high mix and variable volume handling capability of their firm would bring scalable benefits for their clients.

“We use a surface mounting technology, which increases process capability in BGA and 0201 chips. We also offer through-hole PCB assembly services. We follow some special processes such as potting and conformal coating for handling more complex tasks,” said one chief engineer of Rayming Technology.

He also confirmed that the printed circuit boards that they manufacture are compatible with RoHS standards and guidelines. The engineer added that they also religiously follow the IPC-A-610F, which is the latest standard in electronics assembly around the world. The test solutions that they are offering now are automatic optic inspection, in-circuit testing, reliability testing, analogue as well as digital functioning tests, PC based testing etc.

“The reliability tests include vibration testing, burn-in testing, low and high temperature testing, and hi-pot testing. We also conduct firmware programming, functional verification and system level testing,” added the chief engineer.

The CEO of Rayming Technology recently called a press conference at his office. He claimed that the company has its special suit in all electronics assembling elements. “We have also rich experience in integrated system printing and manufacturing, and we have also experience in system assembly. We offer both Configure-to-Order or CTO services and Build-to-Order PCB manufacturing services. Thanks to our team of engineers and the high-quality assembly services, we can meet customer expectations with our quality products and services. We have six dedicated box-build production lines at present,” said the CEO of Rayming Technology.

“Having been spent five years in meaningful collaboration with our molding, forming and stamping partners, we have built a bond of trust and reliability with many of our overseas buyers. Our box build turnkey services entail PCBA, materials procurement, software installation and assembly line manufacturing. In addition to that, we also offer shipping and warehousing services to our esteemed buyers,” said the marketing head of the China based PCB manufacturing and assembly firm.

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