SilverFido pet car seat covers launch traveling trouble series

16 May, 2016 – With seasonal holidays and vacations fast approaching, traveling will be more common. SilverFido pet car seat covers makes traveling with your pets easier and more enjoyable, not only for you, but for your four-legged friends as well. Every week, we will publish one article offering tips and tricks to use when a problem arises while traveling with your furry friends. In the coming weeks, you can look forward to useful topics like what to do when your dog overheats, first aid treatment for overheating, essentials for a dog’s first aid kit on the go, and how temperature has a large impact on safety for your pets.

Part 1 – Dog Motion Sickness

Car and motion sickness doesn’t just happen to humans, it happens to our pets as well! Traveling with your dog can be unpleasant for not only you, but for your pet too. That’s why we recommend pet car sear covers! Recent studies reveal that 75% of dogs have experienced nausea during their first car ride. However, it’s not always easy to tell when your dog is suffering from motion sickness.

Major symptoms include: 

• Excessive salivation
• Accelerated or shallow breathing
• Constant swallowing/licking lips
• Apparent agitation or anxiety
• Tremors
• Vomiting

Dog motion sickness is most common when you’re first bringing your pet home. During their first car ride, puppies especially will experience the symptoms listed above, so make sure you have installed a pet car seat covers before their first journey home. To help prevent dog motion sickness, we suggest making sure your dog has not eaten anything at least three hours before getting in the car. During the first few weeks, it is a good idea to take your dog on short car rides to help him or her get used to it. Make sure to always combine the car ride with something pleasant for your dog, so that they will associate car rides with treats for them! It is critical to make sure your dog gets fresh air during car rides, so make sure your car is well ventilated and never smoke in the car while traveling with your pet because it is very likely to cause nausea.

If your dog does in fact experience nausea, take a short break from traveling and make sure your dog drinks plenty of water before getting back in the car. Your pet car seat covers will prevent any mess your dog makes; however, If your dog is still experiencing motion sickness, visit your local veterinarian. Dog motion sickness can be messy, but with our specially designed car seat covers for dogs, cleaning up is fast and easy! In just a few months, your dog will love traveling in the car with you, especially when using our car seat covers for dogs. They will be excited to be with you and happy that you did not leave them at home alone, and you will be happy your dog car seat covers prevented any accidents!

Join us next week for an article on “How to prevent dogs from overheating with SilverFido pet car seat covers and useful first aid tips!” If your dog becomes sick, SilverFido pet car seat covers will be there to help. Our pet car seat covers will prevent any mess your dog makes, making your travel experience a worry free one. Simple installation of our car seat cover for dogs makes traveling safer and more enjoyable for you and your pet. Be sure to check out our new video!

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