From Wonder Drug to Abuse Epidemic, Opioids Yes, But Big Pharma More So, Says Richard Ruhling, MD

PRESCOTT, AZ – 16 May, 2016 – CNN’s article, “From ‘Wonder Drug’ to Abuse Epidemic” is huge, but it’s still just the tip of the iceberg, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, retired physician who once covered another MD on vacation in a ‘pain’ clinic for a week, but 95% of his patients were addicted to hydrocodone, oxycontin, Percocet, or Xanax, etc.

Most of them had some injury but were allowed to go back to work too soon with an Rx for pain that prevented adequate healing and they became addicted, says Ruhling, who lived with pain after a fractured leg and phlebitis that throbbed at night. Though Ruhling prescribed for others, he declined for himself and let pain tell him what he could do or not do. The body heals if we help it, says Ruhling.

The human propensity for addiction is huge, as illustrated by the problems of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, fictional reading or TV, gambling, rock music, sex, shopping—things that excite us can leave us let down and in trouble for another round, says Ruhling.

We’re all guilty and “been there,” but the guilt of those who exploit others—the liquor seller, the drug pusher, and we could include Big Pharma, for their manipulation of data, their failure to do long-term studies and their hyping the short term results as a quick fix so it’s not necessary to change your diet—your blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol will still be ok—just ask your doctor… is a lie.

Main Stream Media (MSM) cave to it. They love the drug ad money. Congress loves drug money for re-election campaigns, so Obamacare, written by Pharma, is hard to get rid of, even though it’s failed.

Ruhling’s wife was a chiropractor’s daughter and didn’t believe in drugs, but didn’t know what to do for a urinary infection, so she “asked her doctor” who prescribed Cipro. She took it as prescribed till she was ok, but months later, got small blood spots in her skin. She had no blood platelets in her bone marrow and after splenectomy, transfusions, gamma globulin and steroids, she died of a stroke.

The hematologist signed her death certificate as Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. Idiopathic often means idiotic on the part of the physician and pathetic for the patient, says Ruhling

The Physician’s Desk Reference, (3600 pages of fine print listing dozens if not a hundred things the drug can do to you) showed Cipro can cause the platelet loss from the bone marrow. A colleague from med school spent 9 months in bed after taking Cipro. Ruhling remarried a nurse whose husband died after he had Cipro intravenous for an infection in internsive care. The point is, Big Pharma is getting a free pass and is a reality.

What’s the answer? Take responsibility for your own health. There’s great information available on the internet. Nathan Pritikin showed 40 years ago that 85% of people taking high blood pressure drugs would not need them on a low fat, low cholesterol diet (also low salt) and exercise. About 85% also fits diabetics who can get off Rx’s according to research by Pritikin and other MDs that support smilar diets, says Ruhling who offers a DVD on his website showing Dr. Esselstyn – Bill Clinton’s cardiologist from the Cleveland Clinic—five minutes and testimonials can be seen at

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of numerous ebooks that have mostly 4-5 star reviews on Amazon and readers can get a free copy on Saturdays in May accessed at He believes an event is coming May 22 that may help us end some of these additions.

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