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With 5 of 23 CEMA certified equipment appraisers, Master Equipment Appraisers promises guaranteed real market values with certified irrefutable, non-biased defensible & substantiated business asset appraisal at low rates.

Wichita, Kansas – May 16, 2016 – Asset appraisal is mandatory when a firm is on its way to liquidate its business or when the shareholders raise questions about the value of a company. Buyers and stake holders demand the real market values which is not always viable in the contemporary roller coaster market.

Master Equipment Appraisers has redefined machinery and equipment appraisal in the States for the better by assuring guaranteed Real Market Values that are accepted by government itself & most of the international agencies. With 5 of 23 CEMA certified equipment appraisers in the company alone, MCS is known to provide the most reliable appraisal service in KC and overall in the United States.

“We understand how crucial it is for your company to attain the right valuation of assets and our certified appraisal report will support you with irrefutable, defensible & substantiated data that you can trust on,” remarked a leading certified appraiser from the company.

Master Equipment Appraisers USPAP compliant certified business appraisal  report will include all needed data about subject property & assets to withstand the stringent scrutiny by IRS, attorneys, lenders, courts, CPAs & others. A name of big repute across American business and asset appraisal sector, Master Equipment Appraisers is an endeavor by John Harris who is one of the most renowned business machinery & equipment brokers in Midwest. Headquartered at Wichita, John’s company has helped more than 1,000 businesses and appraised 1,000,000+ equipment pieces till date.

“Backed by enormous experience in the industry, we can provide with exactly the very right appraisal, knowledge & guidance at all value levels, be it fair value or orderly liquidation value, replacement value and so on. We guarantee you the most accurate, on-time and fair-priced appraisals that would be perfectly non-biased as common with appraisal reports from seasoned auctioneers or equipment dealers. In fact, our reports are always lower in cost compared to that of un-qualified and uncertified bad appraisers.”

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Master Equipment Appraisers is a leading equipment and machinery appraiser which offers certified asset appraisal and business valuation in the States.

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