Man Puts Own Thumbprint on Postcards, Offer as Advertising

Colorful letter? Checked. Strange service? Checked. Thumbprint postcards? Checked.

May 16, 2016 – New York – The online world is full of wonders. A man by the name of Richard Tham has come up with a strange way of advertising?—?getting advertisers to announce how they ‘can make the world a better place,’ in no more than 40 words, on postcards inked with his thumbprint.

Dubbed ‘Richard’s Thumbprint Postcards’, he has published a colorfully worded open letter that is literally colorful. In it, he states that people ‘generally do not like to be shoved ads in the face.’ And that most will prefer something that is ‘interesting,’ ‘creative’ or ‘meaningful’.

He then states that each postcard will ‘shamelessly’ come with his thumbprint before it is posted on his site, so that people can be sure it is 100% real.

The letter’s full content is as follows:

“Dear Businesses,

I’m offering 111,111 postcards as ad spots. Not just for any types of ads. Tell us how you, your product or service can make the world a better place. Use no more than 40 words. Creativity rocks!

These postcards are usually meant for anyone with a message. For commercial purposes, though, I’m sorry I got to set this rule. Because people generally do not like ads shoved in the face. Most people, if like me, will prefer something interesting, creative or meaningful. Get the hint.

Each postcard, by the way, will shamelessly come with my own thumbprint.

And then it‘ll be permanently stuck on my site. Gee.

You can be sure of your card’s authenticity. Though I doubt anyone will want to forge something like this.

Again. Be creative. Be interesting. Be useful. I can‘t stress this enough.

The cost for one postcard / ad slot is $199.99.

So who’s going first?

By the way if you‘re wondering why it‘s so colorful. It’s just because I think it’s cool.

– Richard Tham”

Strange. But true.

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