Nonie of Beverly Hills maintains commitment to all-natural, healthy vegan skincare

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles – May 2016 – Nonie of Beverly Hills reaffirmed their commitment to providing healthy food for the skin with vegan, natural skincare products in an interview released today.

Mendel Duchman, the owner and Hasidic Rabbi, confided that money isn’t the biggest driving factor for Nonie of Beverly Hills, stating that, “We’re put into this world to make it a better place to live in.” That philosophy has found its way into the production process and helps the company maintain its ethical and eco-friendly course.

Mr. Duchman shared a number of truths key to how Nonie of Beverly Hills functions and maintains its unwavering faith. Including their dedication to making people feel good about themselves through their skin, their contagious enthusiasm for their skincare products and the importance of hand-made, fresh skincare products.

Nonie of Beverly HillsThe future holds expansion for Nonie of Beverly Hills thanks in large part to digital growth. When questioned on his willingness to allow animal testing on Nonie of Beverly Hills products, in the inevitable event of international expansion, Mr. Duchman responded with a resounding, “Absolutely not. No matter what I will keep to our core natural, vegan goals.  If someone offered me five million dollars to change my recipe, I’ll never do that.”

“Our prime concern is the health and wellbeing of our customers, which will always be more important than marketing,” said Marla Douglas, Mr. Duchman’s sales manager, and right-hand woman. Agreeing with Marla, Mr. Duchman continued, “And the proof is in the pudding because we use glass bottles. In today’s time and age, we could use plastic because it’s cheaper and less fragile… I don’t mind being number three or number five in quantity, but I want to be number one in quality.”

“There’s so much harmful stuff in this world, in our ecosystems, and even our daily infrastructures. Our body is our most important machine. In the ancient biblical years, there was a saying, you are what you eat, and I’m a strong believer in general, the only way to survive in this world is with a healthy body. Skincare moisturizers are food for our bodies and the largest organ is the skin,” Mr. Duchman commented.

To learn more about Nonie of Beverly Hills and their natural, vegan skincare products, visit their website or read the interview. For a limited time only, you can also enjoy free shipping by entering ILUVNONIE at the checkout.

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About Nonie of Beverly Hills

Nonie of Beverly Hills is a natural skincare boutique, owned by Mendel Duchman and founded by Nonie Fagatt in 1994. Nonie offers a line of skincare products called AHA! for all skin types that are made from natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids and natural ingredients. AHA! products contain no detergent, animal derivatives or by-products, mineral oil, alcohol, perfume, parabens or petrochemicals, and have never been tested on animals.

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