Airwheel Z3 Intelligent Eco-Friendly Electric Scooter-Serving the Customer by Heart

Airwheel Z3 electric scooter is designed to suit the demands of traveling comfortably and efficiently. Designed by heart, Z3 pays attention to every detail. Its adjustable operating arm and forward standing design make the riders comfortable, its light weight and multiple fold system make itself easy to carry, and its up-equipped DIY battery design makes it suitable for all weather all roads while avoiding the fear of running out of electricity.

Nowadays though public transport has developed a lot, there is still a large demand of mini private vehicles that can cover short-distance travel and avoid people of traffic jams. In order to suit the demands of customers, Airwheel launches Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter, which is a product full of sincerity. Designed by heart, Airwheel Z3 scooter pays attention to every detail so as to be your close friend in your traveling.

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As a rider, the first thing you care about when choosing a vehicle is whether it is comfortable. Airwheel Z3 hoverboard has considered the fact that the heights of the riders are varied, so its operating arm can be adjusted to provide the most comfortable riding experience. More importantly, in accordance with principles of ergonomics, Airwheel Z3 intelligent electric scooter changes the side standing position which causes fatigue and adopts forward standing design so that riders can keep a comfortable posture in their riding.

Another reason that you should choose Airwheel Z3 is that it’s compact and easy to carry. Weighing only 11.6 kg, Airwheel Z3 can be carried even by a girl. And its innovative multiple fold system makes Z3 easy to fit into any spaces. Mini and light, you can take Airwheel Z3 to any places so as to travel efficiently and comfortably.  

The unique feature of Z3 electric scooter is its design of the battery. With the up-equipped battery design, Z3 is suitable for all weather all roads. With the DIY battery design, riders can replace the battery which is running down with a battery that has been fully charged, so that they will never be worried about running out of electricity.

Concerned about the user experience, Airwheel Z3 2 wheel electric scooter aims to be a good companion of the riders. 

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