The Ice Bullet is a Smart, Easy Way to Keep More Beer Colder for a Longer Time

Everyone has been to a picnic or a party where all of the ice melts, leaving the beer and sodas warm. Until recently, the only solution was to purchase more ice, but for people not near a convenience store, this was an enormous hassle. However, Joe Stanik and his friend Zack have designed a simple-to-use, effective way to keep beer cold for long periods of time without ice. Their Ice Bullet product allows you to safely freeze beer in cans, eliminating the need for ice in coolers, while ensuring that a frosty drink is available even for long trips.

The Ice Bullet uses an interlocking plastic container that completely encapsulates the can. Designed to secure the opening, the Ice Bullet has a perfectly engineered space that allows the bottom of the can to expand as the liquid freezes. This ingenious system cuts the amount of space that is required to keep beer cold in a cooler by totally eliminating the need for ice. Because the beer starts out frozen and is insulated from external heat by the Ice Bullet container, your beer remains cold for days.

After months of testing and design work, Joe and Zack are ready to begin mass production, but they are asking for your help. They have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and are hoping to raise the $15,000 needed to manufacture and distribute their first batch of Ice Bullets. In return for your generous support, you can get valuable perks like stickers, magnets, six-pack of Ice Bullet (in various colors), 12-pack of Ice Bullet, or a 240 six-packs.

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