ATLANTA, GA – 18 May, 2016 – If Richard Buchner has his way, the first national mathematics competition for elementary and middle school children could be held as early as 2017. That should give today’s students enough time, he believes, to improve their math skills using Albert’s Insomnia, Buchner’s patented, scalable platform of engaging, award winning math games.

“Why have U.S. students’ math skills slipped to 29th place in the world and why do only 26 percent of high school graduates can do 12th grade math as part of a 50-year decline in learning trends?” asked Buchner. “It’s because they are fully immersed in new distractions and in more engaging and stimulating mental exercises. Well, now they have Albert’s Insomnia to get them reengaged and motivated to learn math skills by playing Albert’s Insomnia patented math games.”

Over the past four years, Buchner has been developing and testing Albert’s Insomnia which are now producing significant improvements in demonstrated math skills wherever they have been tested.

“One test in a suburban Atlanta school saw 33 percent more students exceeding the state standard in less than one year and, in another test, a Texas school produced a 23 percent jump in math proficiency in just two weeks,” said Buchner whose Snellville, GA company – Innovative Math Solutions – is seeking investors to provide up to $2 million in order to create an inventory of Albert’s Insomnia elementary and middle-school products and a sales force to introduce them to schools and students across the U.S.

That’s what Buchner told a group of potential angel investors in Atlanta recently. Called the Gathering of Angels, the group heard Buchner describe the secret to Albert’s Insomnia’s success as being based in its patented ability to engage the students, have fun and even help develop communication and collaboration skills.

Albert’s Insomnia products include classroom kits from $69.99 and homeschool kits ranging from $14.99. Buchner envisions having retail games selling for $9.99 and digital products including an app for $2.99 and an on line electronic resource program for $5 per user. The game is for one or more players, from preschoolers through adults.

For more information, go to www.albertsinsomnia.com or contact Buchner at info@albertsinsomnia.com

More information about the Gathering of Angels may be found at www.gatheringofangels.com

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