Clay Lacy Van Nuys Airport Using 360 Virtual Tour to Help Boost Charter Sales

Planning a family trip to around the world? Then you may want to fly in luxury. Clay Lacy, located at the Van Nuys airport is the first FBO in Los Angeles to utilize 360 Virtual Tour to showcase their charter jets. The 3D immersive experience will allow Angelinos to virtually teleport themselves inside the private luxury jet.

CheckupTech is a service provider of the 3D, 360 virtual tours. The system was designed to showcase real estate. CheckupTech has been exploring other usage for the solution. The luxury private jet is a great example of the versatility of the technology. Even in a small confined space the picture quality is excellent but the engaging feature is the 360-degree view of the cabin. If you’ve never seen the inside of a super luxury private jet, now you can. 360 virtual tour allows for exclusive access to things and places that for most of us is not easily accessible. The best part is you can view these tours on any device, any where, any time and on any browser. We like to say the player is browser centric and platform agnostic.

The benefit of a 360 virtual tour is apparent. Prior to it, professional photographed images were the center point of showcasing the private charter jet online. The 360 virtual tours in no way displaces a well photographed aircraft, instead it compliments it. The 360 virtual tour engages the visitor to immerse themselves and explore the aircraft in greater detail. A 360 tour is like teleporting yourself inside the jet.

Clay Lacy will increase charter flight sales with the help of the 360 virtual tour. The first of their fleet to get the 360 virtual tour treatment is the BOMBARDIER GLOBAL EXPRESS. This ultra luxury-travel private jet can fly to any part of the world in style and extreme comfort. Clay Lacy is currently evaluating the 360 virtual tour on their website. In just a few hours of the site being up they have received 109 impressions, 29 visits and 20 unique visitors. Of course these stats are predicated on how well they market the site. Things like SEO and web marketing are still a very important part of driving traffic to the site or page.

With VR becoming increasingly popular we anticipate other FBO’s using this new technology media to help promote, sell and educate their customers. CheckupTech is currently in talks with other FBOs to help bring this technology to them.

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