Patoola to Arrive Soon With Best Quality Eyewear that Will Make a Better World

Patoola is soon to arrive with best quality hi-definition plano or prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses and is also driven to change the world for the better by providing funding for prescription eyewear to people with common visual impairment, and support programs for people with low vision and the blind in underprivileged countries.

Seattle, WA – 18th May, 2016 – World Health Organization (WHO) data report an alarming 285 million people worldwide need some type of eyewear and more than 12 million children globally are visually impaired and are in serious need of good eye care.  The most unfortunate part is that many cannot access prescription eyeglasses given financial constraints.

But there is some good news – one company has committed to help restore hope through better vision so that the young and the old can enjoy an improved life, backed by self-sufficiency & dignity.  Officially entitled as Patoola, this company is soon to arrive with best quality eyewear with the promise of making a big difference in helping to eradicate common visual impairment, low vision, and blindness challenges in underprivileged parts of the world. 

Official Patoola logo and slogan

Patoola is here to offer best quality eyewear while simultaneously making a difference in the world. They are driven by this mission to change the world for the better but not at the expense of quality. 

“Patoola is about – providing hope to those in need of a clear vision or vision programs and simultaneously creating an awesome customer experience.  Patoola means “Pat” which is the Latin name for “Father” or provider and “oola” means “oolala” which is an expression when someone is experiencing something awesome.  This is the kind of expression we envision when someone wears the Patoola eyeglasses with high quality lenses and experiencing its crisp vision for the first time.  Our quality is never compromised.  With us, you will not only get the highest standard frames & lenses but would be able to restore the dignity, hope and prospects of many who cannot avail the needed prescription glasses or special vision programs given their financial issues,” said Deene Chrise, Founder and CEO of Patoola.

Deene also explained the double “oo” that was designed to look like a pair of goggles in their Patoola logo.

“At Patoola, we see the pair of goggles as tangible “day in the life” reminder of what life is like every single day, 24/7 for the visually impaired, low-vision, or the blind.  For people with common visual impairment challenges, their peripheral visions are restrictive and uncomfortable.  For people with low-vision, in addition to having restrictive visions, they can only see through very tiny and random openings through their special low-vision lenses.  For the blind, they are permanently dark.  Your Patoola goggles are your ticket to the Patoola community, and helping us to spread the vision (quite literally),” Deene added.

The company has taken an innovative and selfless approach to help the world for the better. Through their “5-4-5” Campaign (#545CAMPAIGN), each customer will also get a free pair of Patoola goggles with every pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses bought. Thatpair of Patoola goggles could be someone’s ticket to win up to 5 pairs of eyeglasses or sunglasses of their choice while providing better vision for someone in need.

“Take fun selfies with the Patoola goggles, spread the vision by posting it on either Facebook or Instagram (#SPREADTHEVISION) social sites, and make a difference,” she added.

Through customer’s participation in the “5-4-5” campaign, Patoola will provide the needed funding for prescription eyeglasses for people with common visual impairment and for vision programs to support people with low-vision and blindness from underprivileged countries.  This way, Patoola customers will have access to amazing eyewear and simultaneously have a great opportunity to improve the lives of the needy with the bliss of vision so that they can pursue education & employment opportunities with confidence. 

As part of the “5-4-5” Campaign, just a pair of Patoola goggles could be someone’s   ticket to win up to 5 pairs of eyeglasses or sunglasses of their choice while providing better vision for someone in need.

The company has partnered with non-profit organizations around the world that work to help the young and the old with common visual impairment, low vision, and blindness in underprivileged countries.

She stressed the importance of offering customers with an array of first class frames made from premium Italian hand-made cellulose acetate. The extensive Patoola eyeglasses and sunglasses collection encompasses a versatile range to cater to different tastes & specific requirements of various users.

Speaking further, Deene emphasized providing the customers with the finest quality high-definition or “freeform” lenses as the Patoola standard type of lenses. She also noted that they only use aspheric lens design type in their Patoola prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to ensure slim, light and super clear vision – accompanied by the promise of least or no distortion compared to regular lenses. The advanced polycarbonate make of the lenses make them scratch & shatter resistant as well and assures great level of protection from UV rays. 

Gloria wearing Patoola Women’s eyeglasses in Ricca Ombre Purple.

The Patoola design team understands that their customers are looking for stylish eyewear with a comfortable fit. They carry some of the lightest air-weight handmade cellulose acetate frames under their “Feather Frame”TM mark.  Additionally, they understand all noses aren’t created the same. They offer a selection of eyeglasses that sport nose bridge designs using Japanese premium silicone pads to achieve the best anti-slip and comfort fit eyeglasses for the user.  Look for the “NoSlip Grip”TM mark in the selection of Patoola prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses they will be offering at their website.”

“Through the Patoola Community “5-4-5” Campaign, we – together – are living the Patoola motto: Spread the Vision (#SPREADTHEVISION),” Deene further added.

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