New Book Strikes Major Movie Deal

“The Great Pierre Hotel Robbery” & “The Lufthansa Heist Coming” to a Theater Near You

Tampa, FL – Emmy award winner Cayman Grant and her company Steel Titan Productions has optioned the manuscript of The Great Pierre Hotel Robbery by Daniel Simone. Cayman Grant has been making films for over 12 years and has written and directed many films ultimately landing her an Emmy award win. “When I read Simone’s book about the famous Pierre Heist, I just knew this would be an amazing story to bring to the big screen,” said Grant.

Simone’s writing technique is distinct. For over two decades, Mr. Simone analyzed numerous criminal trials. He has interviewed eighteen notorious members of the upper Mafia hierarchy and studied their lifestyles and mentalities. He has been utilizing his extensive background as a trained novelist to bring true stories and biographies into your hands. It was only a matter of time until his books made it to the big screen.

Mr. Simone’s book The Great Pierre Hotel Robbery, was written in collaboration with the sole surviving participant of that famous robbery. In 1972, eight astute bandits took under siege the famed Pierre Hotel in New York City. They managed to disarm the security staff, enabling the raiders to plunder $28,000,000 from its guests’ safe deposit boxes. This book holds never-before-publicized facts about this famous heist. “I can’t wait to introduce people to this gem on the big screen,” said Simone.

Daniel Simone’s prior published works include The Lufthansa Heist. This treasure was co-written with Henry hill who was one of the organizers of the Lufthansa robbery at Kennedy Airport. Hill’s life and criminal activity can be seen in the film Goodfellas. Simone also used the collaboration of two FBI agents who were involved in the investigation of the robbery.

Meet the Author:

Daniel Simone (born in New York City) is an author who specializes in writing about sensational crimes in collaboration with one of the perpetrators or investigators of the actual event. He has co-written autobiographies and published numerous feature stories on prominent figures in film, theater, and fiction. On August 2015, Lyons Press published The Lufthansa Heist, a book that Mr. Simone co-wrote with Henry Hill, whose life and criminal career is immortalized in the blockbuster film Goodfellas.

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