Orlando Lawyer Proving That Experience Counts

Orlando, FL – There’s more to criminal defense than thorough preparation and legal research, which is something that the Thompson-McClary Defense Firm understands. A defense lawyer needs a fighting spirit, a drive to succeed in the courtroom, and a strong desire to secure a winning verdict, not for their own sake, but for the sake of their client. When it comes down to it, a client’s chosen representation should be focused solely on which actions will secure the best possible outcome for said client. Beryl Thompson-McClary understands that there is more to the courtroom than deciding when to play defense and when to go on the attack.

When it comes to choosing a lawyer, the choice can become overwhelming thanks to the amount of lawyers practicing in any given area. But in the case of the Thompson McClary Criminal Defense Firm, there’s something that causes potential clients to take a second look: their strategy. Beryl Thompson-McClary has played both sides of the field-defense and plaintiff-and has 28 years of experience in several fields of law, including criminal defense and divorce. Those faced with either criminal charges or a divorce filing need someone who is going to work with them every step of the way in order to assure a victory. What a client needs is an ally, as much as an advocate.

“Being a trial lawyer must be about serving my clients,” advocates Beryl Thompson-McClary, head of the firm. “It’s about leveling the playing fields and protecting and defending those rights afforded to us by the American Constitution. I want my clients to not only feel that there’s someone fighting in their corner, but that that person is particularly experienced, both in their requested field and other important fields of law that may end up helping their case. In short, it isn’t just about the experience, it’s about the variety and drive to see a positive outcome in the courtroom as well.”

Legal matters aren’t fun. They place a strain on your time and emotional state, and the consequences of any legal action are critical. Whether a client is seeking to avoid jail time or is hoping to receive compensation from a personal injury action, the Thompson McClary Defense Firm brings a little something to the table to help almost any legal case. The unique advantage of the firm is that Beryl Thompson-McClary herself specializes in several fields of legal practice, meaning that her clients need only make a single call for almost any legal questions or concerns, as opposed to calling one lawyer for family law and another for personal injury.

With 28 years of experience as a licensed and practicing attorney in Orlando, Beryl Thompson-McClary has dedicated her career to representing people facing a wide array of legal issues. Thompson-McClary emphasizes her close relationship with her clients, assuring that each receives the one-on-one attention their case deserves. Having experience in more than 350 jury trials as a state prosecutor, Beryl Thompson-McClary enjoys a rare statistic amongst attorneys nationwide. This unmatched qualification, in conjunction with her skills in various fields of law, allows Thompson-McClary to apply her prosecutorial experience to any given situation when it comes to defending the rights of her clients, regardless of whether the client is a plaintiff or a defendant.

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