T.E.A.M Announces Nationwide Paid Undergraduate Positions

NEWPORT BEACH, California — T.E.A.M (Travel, Entertainment and Marketing), a company that helps Greeks plan their formals and other events, has announced the addition of a new paid position. The T.E.A.M Campus Manager Internship Position will allow undergraduates the opportunity to help fellow students by promoting T.E.A.M services and their marketing clients. The successful candidates will be responsible for managing brand awareness campaigns through their own unique methods as well as the manager’s own social network.

The position has no set hours and will not require a specific time commitment, as it understands the many challenges of busy students. It will simply give the successful candidates a list of tasks to complete and then fill out an online report of their progress every two weeks.

The company is looking for student leaders who are heavily involved in the Greek system. Applicants should be organized, passionate about helping others and outgoing. Two candidates from each campus will be chosen. T.E.A.M will work closely with the chosen students’ departments to ensure that college credit is given for the work if their major is relative to business, advertising, or marketing.

Why does T.E.A.M. pay hundreds of college reps across the country to brand their services? Founder Mike Olivas explains it quite simply, “Peer to Peer marketing is extremely powerful, we would much rather put the money back in the hands of our college students who need it and support our business vs.paying for ads that go into pockets of multi billion dollar companies like Facebook or Google.”

Other perks include a monthly payment of $300.00, working in a fun environment, earning awards, building one’s resume, and the chance for full-time employment upon graduation. In addition, chosen applicants will receive trips, chances for cool electronics, apparel and great hook ups. To apply for this great position please visit  application page online.


T.E.A.M (Travel, Entertainment and Travel) is a company devoted to helping fraternities and sororities plan memorable events on a budget. Sites include www.teamexp.com, www.Formalbuilder.com, www.Greeks365.com,  and www.Vegasformals.com. Since its inception in 2008, it has used its party planning software and campus representatives to save time as well. The events handled range from parties to trips, partnering with major hotels and other organizations to give clients the space and resources needed for their event. The company recently announced they are set to reach three million in revenue in 2014. This success has allowed them to expand and create new positions twice this year. T.E.A.M is a member of the Better Business Bureau and The Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation, among others. For more information about T.E.A.M and to see if they can help your organization, please visit the website and fill out the form on their homepage. The site is also packed with testimonials from former clients and includes an informative video so visitors can learn what to expect from the planning process.

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