Reinvented Hard Drive Claims to Make Any Computer A Fast Computer

Nowadays, many computers are not able to edit photos and videos from modern cameras. Even gopro footage puts a strain on last years laptops. After experiencing this problem first hand, Michael and Ashley Long decided to create their own solution. As photographers, videographers, and entrepreneurs; they were determined to create a solution and then make it available to the public.

Answering the question “Shouldn’t you just buy a new computer”, Ashley said: “We purchased the best laptops on the market and they were still too slow. It turns out almost every computer is limited by it’s hard drive speed. After a year of prototyping and testing; we found a way to solve this and made it compatible with any PC or Mac.” Their device, the Thunder Drive, is an external hard drive that claims to “make any computer a fast computer”.

It comes with both a USB and Thunderbolt 3 cables and features two Thunderbolt 3 ports for daisy chaining. With two of these drives you can have up to 2,000GB at 1,100MB/s. They are one quarter the size of a Note 5 and best of all they start at only $99. They are available exclusively through Kickstarter and claim they’ll deliver “before the holidays”.

The couple also claims “These drives won’t just save you time, but will make you more creative by removing the delay after each click.” Going on to explain how every time you wait for your computer to catch up, it blocks what’s referred to as “Creative Flow”.

We won’t say that this is the future of computing. However, giving an old computer the ability to quickly edit photos and 4k video will certainly benefit the creative community. For more info you can visit their Kickstarter page – Thunder Drive.

Contact: Michael Long

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