Decision Time for a World in Crisis with Blind Leaders and Elite Seeking World Control: Expert

World leaders seem eager to cooperate with a United Nations New World Order in spite of bad history. A collection of many weaknesses does not make one strong.

“As leaders jockey for position, if we don’t opt out of the race, we could get whipped like the horses,” says Dr. Richard Ruhling, retired MD and Christian author. He claims a megaquake this weekend could precipitate a crisis that will change America forever as leaders justify martial law to control the country after their economic policies have brought US to the breaking point.

In his book of Proverbs, Israel’s wisest king said, “Righteousness exalts a nation.” The reverse is also true. It’s not rocket science to see the United States ending like the Challenger space shuttle 30 years ago or Venezuela now. We’re blind if we can’t see something wrong with the hordes swarming Germany and the 93.6 billion euros it will cost them. (Reuters, May 14, Spiegel)

There is an undeniable crisis on at least eight levels, says Ruhling, offering a paragraph on each:

1. Leadership. It’s been 150 years since evil forces assassinated President Lincoln who abolished slavery and held the United States together. They were the same forces that killed JF Kennedy for his courageous intent to abolish the Federal Reserve. Since then every president has cooperated with a shadow government agenda for a New World Order. Many leaders are cowards and untrue to their oath of office as a US senator admitted, says Ruhling.

2. Government. Laws are the basis of government. Moses said, ‘What nation has statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law?’ Deuteronomy 4. The genius of that law was self-government by people who appreciated their liberation from bondage, a law of equality and fairness and the promise of land. Nothing is changed. We should understand that it’s all possible now, if we can trust the Bible, but it’s not about US, UN, EU or Novus Ordo Seclorum on the $1 bill (New Order of the Ages). “In the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom…” Daniel 2 has been accurate so far.

3. Economy. We deserve what’s coming because we “have transgressed the laws…broken the covenant. Therefore has the curse devoured the earth.” Isaiah 24. We are in for three and a half years of economic drought, as in Elijah’s day. He brought fire from heaven to end the drought. Revelation 13 shows a lamb-like beast (symbol of Christ, but it speaks like a dragon in its laws and Executive Orders that can put protesters in FEMA camps designed for illegal aliens. The US may have a parallel to Elijah as a false prophet when it ends the economic drought by compeling acceptance of a UN New World Order that it has made in the image of the Old World Order (papacy) in Revelation 13.

4. Military. Roosevelt’s “Walk softly and carry a big stick” worked well till Obama fell on the stick and broke it, says Ruhling, citing Obama’s firing 200 military officers, Washington Times, 11-12-13.

It wasn’t enough for Clinton to sell our tech secrets to China; we have joint miltary exercises with Russia on US soil. Is it training for when US soldiers won’t fire on its citizens but Russian troops will? History shows Babylon conquered by Medo-Persia, but Daniel 7 has an end-time application when the lion with eagle’s wings (UK/US?) is conquered by a (Russian?) bear.

5. Healthcare. It’s been 40 years since mainsteam media caved to pharma for drug money – ads and articles calling medical care “healthcare” in spite of an inverse relationship – the more drugs one takes, the worse the health, says Ruhling, a retired MD who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. About that time UCLA reported seven health habits gave an 11-year advantage, published by Blue Cross. In summary, it’s NEW START—Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust in Nature rather than Rx drugs that make medical care the leading cause of illness and death.

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6. Education. We have 12-year olds having babies, 14-year olds dealing drugs, 15-year olds shooting classmates and 18-year old graduates who can’t read. Just as junk food for the body creates problems, media focus on crime, sex, violence and fiction is junk food for the mind and reaps expected results. Everything the government does is ruined, and the educational system is broken, says Ruhling.

7. Welfare. How many millions in the United States have babies regularly out of wedlock in order to get child support when they already get help with rent, medical care, cell phone, food stamps. Half of the country is paying for the other half. Authors on survival say to avoid population dense areas (cities).

8. Religion. The pope told US Congress how to run the country. His Laudato Si’ included a provision for Sunday. Has Congress forgotten the 1st Amendment? “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” If the pope really had the answers, why do millions from Latin America want to come to America? Ruhling spent months in Venezuela, a fertile area for communism because of their ignorance with half the people unable to read or write.

Why no education? Priests colonized S. America at the same time America was founded by Protestants fleeing the Catholic-dominated Old World. Now several hundred years show a huge difference. They all want to come to the United States. The message should be clear and it is to those who see the news of priesthood pedophilia and corruptions of the Vatican Bank. Revelation 17 offers further insights.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code that has mostly 4-5 star reviews and is available with other ebooks free on Saturday at

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