New Video Series and Website “The World is Sound” Explores Urban Musical Culture from Around the Globe

Despite the fact that music is a cultural touchstone shared by all people, there are only a handful of TV or web series that showcases these rich musical traditions, and there are none that truly cherishes many vanishing forms of music. A new series entitled “The World is Sound” intends to rectify this oversight by exploring urban musical culture from a variety of lands including Cuba, Turkey, Germany and the U.S. Produced and hosted by Jef Stott, “The World is Sound” will provide an engaging look at how performers in major urban settings create their musical art forms.

While mainstream music is converging into a homogenous form, many of the world’s most important musical cultures are disappearing. Musician, producer, and musical historian, Jef Stott will devote the Pilot Season of “The World is Sound” to leading musicians in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Istanbul and Havana in an effort to preserve these valuable musical art forms. “The World is Sound” will feature performances and interviews with many of these cities most important musical figures in an effort to create cross-cultural understanding.

“The World is Sound” promises to be a new Travel Channel for music, introducing millions of people to other musical forms. Capitalizing on his ability to uncover the most important aspects of musical expression, Jef will travel to these exotic locales and spotlight the urban musical landscape. Each 30-45 minute episode will include interviews with local artists, DJs, producers and cultural ambassadors, providing intimate, insightful perspectives. Once the Pilot Season is completed, it will be shopped to major content providers like Netflix and Hulu.

“The World is Sound” has its origins in a series of interviews conducted by Jef Stott last year in Japan, South Asia, the Middle East and California; these episodes have tens of thousands of views and social media shares. Jef Stott is a gifted musical host and producer who is attempting to build cultural bridges through the commonality of musical creation, performance and enjoyment.

While “The World is Sound” is an ambitious, promising project, it requires your assistance to reach its full potential. Jef and his team have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $37,000 necessary to produce the entire first season. In return for your generous financial support, you can receive valuable perks like an opportunity to broadcast your Flash Mob video on the “World is Sound” website, gift from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, gift from Havana Market, On-screen credit, behind the scenes video, Turkish Hammam bath set, Havana music set, Producer Pack, Deluxe DVD Package, Photo Book Ltd. Edition, or invitation to visit location for “World is Sound” and private concert.

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“The World is Sound” is a thrilling project that should add richness and value to the global tapestry of musical endeavor. Under the sure-handed guidance of Jef Stott and his first class production team, “The World is Sound” will be an incisive show that will preserve vanishing musical traditions for future generations. For lovers of music, this will be a must-see series that will open up new creative vistas.

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