Dean Caldwell, Serial Short Story Writer Of California, Wrote Letter To Queen Elizabeth II Of England

LOS ANGELES, CA – 19 May, 2016 – Dean Caldwell, serial short story writer of “Alabama,” “Alaska,” “Arizona,” “Arkansas,” and “California” recently wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

“In short, I just asked Her Majesty, if she could give strong consideration in granting a British Royal Knighthood to her successful British novelist, Mr. David John Moore Cornwell, 85, who has written so many worldwide bestselling espionage novels under his pen name of ‘John le Carre’,” said Dean Caldwell.

“Mr. Cornwell still lives in England. And that nobody has asked me to write this letter on his behalf, but someone should have years ago,” concluded Dean Caldwell who was born in the United States and currently resides in California. markets exclusively all of Dean Caldwell’s present and future short stories through Amazon’s “Kindle Edition(s)” service. If sophisticated readers worldwide have’s “PRIME” service, then they have unlimited access to read all of Dean Caldwell’s stories for “free.” Otherwise, for a nominal investment equal to that of $1.00 United States dollar in their own particular country’s currency, diehard short story lovers in 14 nations will have it instantly auto-delivered wirelessly to their computers or tablets.

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Dean Caldwell is also available to speak worldwide at conventions, at workshops, on (satellite) radio talk shows, and on T.V. (talk) shows.

One can contact his office at: P.O. Box 593; Rancho Cucamonga, California; 91729; U.S.A.; 1-(909)-285-8711.

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