Michael Conville Beacon Construction Group Offers Top Quality Home Renovation Projects

North Palm Beach, Florida – May 19, 2016 – Directed by nationally recognized residential builder Michael Conville, the Beacon Construction Group of North Palm Beach offers the highest quality residential new construction and renovation services for discerning and high profile clients.  With spring in full swing, many homeowners are considering renovation or remodeling projects to upgrade and improve their home.

“Home renovations are done for a number of reasons,” explained Mike Conville, CEO of Beacon Construction Group.  “For homeowners planning to sell soon, some projects have a better payback than others.  For example, since kitchens attract buyers, it is important to use reputable contractors who will get the job done right.”

For home owners remodeling with the intent to sell their home in a few years, identifying critical remodeling projects with the highest return on investment is a good way to prioritize projects.  For any project, the homeowner needs to decide first if that particular project needs to be done, and second if the increased value of the home exceeds the cost of the project.  The following six remodeling projects provide some of the best return on investment and increase the value and attractiveness of the home for buyers.

• Kitchen Remodeling – typically at the top of the most desired remodeling project list, a kitchen remodel has a large impact on selling a home.  Having a modern, updated kitchen increases the resale value while making a positive impression on buyers.

• Entry Door – whether replacing or remodeling an entry door, this project improves the curbside appeal of any home.

• Adding a New Room – whether expanding the home’s footprint to add another bedroom, transforming unused attic space into an office or den, or converting the garage into a play room, adding square footage to the home increases its value.  This is one of the more expensive renovation projects, but can increase the value of the home significantly.  Any new room addition should be done by an experienced and licensed contractor and with complete local permits.

• Bathroom Remodeling – second to a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodeling provides excellent return on investment and impresses home buyers.  A bathroom remodel can be a simple as replacing the toilet, vanity/sink, and fixtures, or can be as extensive as a completely new bathroom.  Regardless of the approach, bathrooms should appear fresh and new.

• Insulating the Attic – if not considering converting the attic space, the attic should be adequately insulated.  A low cost upgrade, this project increases the home’s energy efficiency, saves the homeowner money on air conditioning and heating bills, and provides a significant return on investment.

• Upgrading the Exterior – along with the entry door project, upgrading the exterior of a home prior to putting it on the market adds tremendously to the home’s curb appeal and attractiveness.  Whether simply putting on a new coat of paint or adding new siding, a fresh new exterior makes any home more appealing.

To learn more about the North Palm Beach Beacon Construction Group and its complete renovation services, please visit the company’s website at http://www.beaconconstructiongroup.com/

About Michael Conville

Michael Conville is a name that has been synonymous with luxury real estate construction and development for over 25 years in Florida and New England.  He founded Beacon Construction Group in 1986 in Boston, where the company completed major projects for high-profile clients including Harvard University, Tufts University, Cambridge City Hall, and The University of Massachusetts.  In 2003 he expanded in South Florida where he established a reputation for excellence being recognized as the “premier builder” in the prestigious Lost tree Village. 

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