Kitchenware Brand WonderHome Launches Stainless Steel Manual Citrus Juicer

Kitchenware and tableware brand WonderHome has recently launched their premium Lemon Juicer that has been designed for quick and easy use, the brand claims that their new product will allow users to now enjoy citrus juice in its clear, delicious form, without the plup. Due to their especially designed precise shape, the manual citrus juicer is exceptionally easy to use and does not require a lot of froce to extract the clear citrus juice. The company has decided to sell their new product on Amazon, because to the many benefits it offers to buyers and sellers.

“Waste no time while cooking by squeezing lemons fast and efficiently. It only takes three simple steps and it doesn’t include getting your fingers drenched in juice! Simply add the citrus fruit in its entirety or in wedges inside the squeezer basket, press and – voilà! You are ready to season any dish with lemon or lime or add either to your favorite cocktails!” the WonderHome spokesperson said about their new product.

It should be noted that the Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer has been designed with a larger bowl for more juice, compared to other citrus juicers available in the market, the larger bowl reduces the need for several repeated motions to drain the juice out of citrus fruits, which means that users will not be left with strained hands andf wrists after use. The handle on the juicer has also been designed to be comfortable.

The Manual Lemon Squeezer has been fashioned out of extremely durable and high quality stainless steel, which will last for many years. It’s simple to keep clean, either through washing it by hand or by the dishwasher.

“This is a great lemon squeezer. So easy to use and quick. Before I had to take out the hand juicer and turn and push lemon till all the juice was out and that took about four minutes and then dump the rinds and seeds in the trash. Now I cut the lemon put it this squeeze it for a few seconds and lemon is juiced with no mess. Greatest lemon squeezer ever!” wrote Mark Johnson, a fan of the WonderHome lemon juicer.

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