Agile Enterprise Security Product Guru Aditya Shukla Talks On New ESM releases At RSA 2016

Agile Enterprise Security Product expert Aditya Shukla and Senior Engineer Program Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) spoke about the release of upgraded versions of HPE Security ArcSight ESM 6.9.1c and ESM Express 6.9.1 that assure superior SIEM functionality with UBA, at RSA San Francisco Conference.

San Francisco, CA, 20th May 2016: The recent RSA 2016 conference at San Francisco was a huge success, the key highlight of the event being Agile Enterprise Security Product expert Aditya Shukla talking about new HPE ESM releases. The newly upgraded HPE Security ArcSight ESM 6.9.1c and ESM Express 6.9.1 were released in March and are Generally Available now with superior SIEM functionality with UBA.

A cutting edge take on protection of information systems, the upgraded versions can be downloaded from HPE support download site. Those with ESM 6.5c SP1, ESM 6.8c, ArcSight Express 4.0P1 (AE-75xx) and ESM Express 6.9.0 are most welcome to upgrade to the new versions.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our HPE Security ArcSight ESM 6.9.1c and ESM Express 6.9.1. We have upgraded the versions with a superior boost to usability, stability & a host of other additional enhancement features, in alignment with our continuous product development strategy”, said Mr. Shukla at the RSA Conference, which started on late February and continued till early quarter of March.

Mr. Shukla holds a BS, in information technology from DIT University and a MS, in Computer Science from University of SO, California. He is a certified Advanced Project Manager from Stanford University. Mr. Shukla is playing the critical role of Senior Engineer Program Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ensuring through his leadership that HPE ArcSight products remain the state of the art

“The upgraded versions would assure a solid layer of security for your information systems with improved correlation capabilities, new type of conversion functions that can convert the data types into rules and edgy rule reliance capacity which can automatically disable the resource-intensive rules. We have also included new fields in the Active Lists such as Creation Time, Count and Last Modified time as well as added TTL Days to Session Lists. You are getting a more state of the art UI here and our inclusion of new utilities Tool Command will help investigations pertinent to network connection from ACC”, explained Mr. Shukla while speaking further about the new ESM versions at the esteemed conference.

The new versions would come up with a new UI page that would report the ESM data consumption usage information in the ACC. There have been Active Channel enhancements in ACC pertinent to creation, edit and deletion of channels. The latest versions will also add filters to the ACC Active Channels.

“We have simplified creation of Active Channel by copying pre-existent Active Channel & then modifying it. The other improved aspects of the upgraded version include right-click addition of favorite active lists from Active Channel on ArcSight ESM Console, security use-cases, new method for API Service Layer and new method to set stage for an event through API”, the security expert added.

The use-case driven security content packages can now be downloaded from ArcSight Marketplace.

HPE continues to improve the current version of UBA 1.1.1. Which would be available for GA this summer.

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