Tube Traffic Secrets Course Reopens: $4,200 in Bonuses are Announced by Marketer’s Black Book has announced a new bonus offer to go along with the relaunch of the Tube Traffic Secrets course by Jeff Johnson available at this link This new online video promotional course is one of the first of its kind to teach business owners how to build revenue with video.

The Marketer’s Black Book team have announced a total value of $4,200 in bonuses for those that enroll in this training to help learn to master online video outlets for promotion.

Jeff Johnson has built up his online companies using YouTube and other video companies. The growth of online video is hard to ignore and companies that are not using video could be missing out on a useful promotional tool for products and services.

The Tube Traffic Secrets course has relaunched online after a successful launch in October. The website was one of the first to offer access to this training online and have put together bonuses to help those that want to get more from the course training.

An online traffic secrets bonus offer is now included that can be paired with the video promotional concepts taught in Jeff’s course. One of the co-owners of Marketer’s Black Book successfully earned $15 million dollars in revenue using the same traffic building formula that is now offered as a free bonus. This bonus is exclusive to purchasers of the new course training.

Creating digital content online is one way that entrepreneurs and business owners are earning income. The digital book creation process for Amazon Kindle and other e-book platforms can be confusing to learn. A second bonus for autopilot book creation is now offered to those that purchase Jeff Johnson’s training.

This auto pilot book creation bonus teaches how to have any book written and marketing entirely online in as little as 48 hours. The team authored this bonus book creation tool and it’s now offered for the first time to others online.

The open enrollments announced for Jeff Johnson’s course are limited in availability. The sales cart for this new training is expected to close within a one week time period. Those that are considering this training series could benefit from reading the MBB review to help make a purchasing decision.

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