Oszko Promises Eco Underwear for the Adventurous

Brisbane, AU – A company launched on Kickstarter May 17th of 2016, has announced that its line will be the first underwear in the world to boast to be made completely from sustainable materials and completely for outdoors enthusiasts. The company, Oszko, is hoping to raise enough funds to roll out its full line to outdoor enthusiasts by using a Kickstarter campaign (back them on Kickstarter here).

The company envisions that their underwear made from recycled coffee grounds will be able to both help the world, while making hikers, climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts more comfortable as they go about their adventures in nature. The underwear is made to be breathable, flexible and of a sturdy linen that will wick away moisture.

“We wanted something different, so we decided to be that difference,” said Jason Schulz, him along with his brother Toby Schulz and Mack Bowers are the creators and founders of Oszko. “We knew we had a good idea, and that is why we decided to go ahead with the Kickstarter campaign. It is more than just raising money, but it is also about finding our core audience. People that back us now are likely going be customers for life. My brother Toby and our partner Mack and I, we are incredibly excited with what the future holds and playing a small part in making this world a better place in general. And hey, it helps people like us who loves the outdoors both ethically and during the actual hike! It’s underwear for outdoor adventure!”

The clothing company has been assisted by a Brisbane based marketing agency called 5Tales. The advertising agency is helping them find their correct target audience and to position them thoughtfully as both leaders in outdoors clothing as well as social entrepreneurs looking to make a large impact on the world around them. Currently the underwear are available on Kickstarter for 30 days during their testing period.

Oszko outdoors underwear has a crotch padding that prevents annoying bundling of the underwear during outdoors activities. Bundling is a common problem amongst both hikers and climbers, which can cause excessive sweating and even rashes from brushing against the skin too often.  The fabric is light and breathable, made from a durable fabric that has been double stitched to add extra hardiness to the pair of underwear.

If the Kickstarter is successful, the Australian company plans to keep going ahead with their full blown marketing campaign that will include a content marketing campaign to raise more awareness surrounding their brand.

About Oszko

Oszko is the brainchild of Jason & Toby Schulz and Mack Bowers. The underwear company seeks to be the first fully sustainable line of underwear, specifically aimed to help alleviate issues that outdoors enthusiasts such as hikers and mountain climbers face with their clothing while on their adventures in nature. The company is currently in the process of their Kickstarter campaign where the underwear has been made available to people until Friday 17 June.

For more information on Oszko, please visit their about page at their website by following this link: http://getoszko.com

Media Contact
Company Name: Oszko
Contact Person: Jason Schulz
Email: hello@getoszko.com
Phone: +61401475647
Address:9 Turnberry Close, Oxley
City: Brisbane
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Website: www.getoszko.com