Commercial mice control services struggle to keep up with the rising rats problems in the Seattle King County suburbs

Pest control companies vary in experience with pests, price of the companies pest control services should not be used as a determining factor but reviews covering common pests like Rats, mice, ants, wasps, termites,Bed bugs and spiders. However, many companies control other pests that are specific to areas. Look for companies that cover such wildlife as rodents and even birds.

Rats, Mice and other small rodents are a common problem in Seatle of King County, Washington State. In fact, rats and mice are native to Washington’s wildlife habitat. However, when homes and buildings become infested it can cause destruction to electrical wires; as well as spread several diseases that can be harmful to everyone.

Ampm Pest Control offers both trapping and extermination services for rats, mice and other rodents. Specializing in all of the traditional rodent control methods. AMPM Pest Conrol has many years of experience in both residential and commercial rodent control. Using rodent control methods that includes the removal, cleaning and exclusion process to ensure the prevention of a reinfestation of the property.

Trapping is an effective method for controlling small numbers of house mice. Although time consuming, it’s the preferred method in homes, garages, and business commercial structures where only a few mice are present. Trapping has several advantages as it doesn’t rely on potentially hazardous rodenticides, it permits the user to view the success, and it allows for disposing of trapped mice, thereby eliminating dead mouse odors that may result when poisoning is done within buildings.

Snap traps are effective and can be purchased in most hardware and grocery stores. The simple, wooden mouse-size snap trap is the least expensive option, but some people prefer the newer plastic, single-kill mouse traps because it’s easier to set and clean. Snap traps with large plastic treadles are especially effective, but finding the best locations to set traps is often more important than what type of trap is used. Traps can be baited with a variety of foods; peanut butter is the most popular, because it is easy to use and very attractive to mice. Set the triggers lightly so the traps will spring easily.

Multiple-capture live traps for mice are available from hardware stores and pest control suppliers. The devices can catch several mice at a time without being reset, reducing the labor involved. When using such traps, live mice need to be removed frequently and humanely euthanized.

Ampm Pest Control understands that the health and safety of families are priority #1. Ampm Pest Control offers a number of environmentally-friendly pest control products and trapping services along with traditional extermination services for the rodent control problems. Ampm Pest Control’s knowledgeable team and many years of experience in dealing with Seattle King County pests ensures that the right solution will be found for the home and or business to make sure both are pest free!!!

Exclusion is the most successful and permanent form of house mouse control. Exclusion by eliminating all gaps and openings larger than 1/4 inch. Stainless steel scouring pads make a good temporary plug. Seal cracks in building foundations and around openings for water pipes, vents, and utility cables with metal or concrete. Doors, windows, and screens should fit tightly. It may be necessary to cover the edges of doors and windows with metal to prevent gnawing. Plastic screening, rubber, vinyl, insulating foam, wood, and other gnawable materials are unsuitable for plugging holes used by mice.Ampm Pest Control’s exclusion service prevents rodents from entering the home instead of controlling the pests after yhe mice already gained entrance. The service is environmentally friendly. Exclusions are performed with the best materials to enure rats, mice, raccoons, or any other animal cannot chew it’s way into homes or places of business.

Because mice can survive in very small areas with limited amounts of food and shelter, controlling the mice can be very challenging, especially in and around older structures. Most buildings in which food is stored, handled, or used will support house mice no matter how good the sanitation. While good sanitation seldom will completely control mice, poor sanitation is sure to attract the mice and allow to thrive in greater numbers. Pay particular attention to eliminating places where mice can find shelter. If mice have fewer places to hide, rest, build nests and rear young ones, mice can’t survive in large numbers.

Mice, rats and other rodents can appear to be harmless animals. However an infestation can quickly multiple and become a health hazard to residents and or other types of customers. Contact Ampm pest control service today for a Free Rodent Control Evaluation.

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