Let’s Read Tour – An Innovative Way To Engage, Entertain, And Educate Kids

Live performances to inspire the youth to read.

Los Angeles, California, United States – May 23, 2016 – Authors Carlos O. Hardy and Christopher F. Edwards Jr. announced the start of their Let’s Read Tour. A unique program that combines reading with theatre to encourage kids to read more. The creators launch an IndieGoGo campaign call “3 Minutes To Save The World” to create awareness and raise $150,000 by June 2016. Funds raised will help the writers travel to 10 States and 100 schools throughout the United States in the span of two to three months. Through this tour, they will reach an estimated quarter of a million students. 

In today’s society, there are multitudes of social media outlets that are vying for the attention of children. All this noise is forcing reading into the background while other mindless activities are pushed to the forefront. In order to have a breakthrough, reading must be transformed, updated and presented to the youth in a way that allows them to engage while being educated. 

Carlos O Hardy and Christopher F. Edwards Jr. have written an interactive play based on their book Volonians. It is carefully written to engage, entertain and educate kids while sparking their interest to read more books. The Let’s Read Tour enables the authors to host performances for elementary, middle and high schools by traveling across the country. This will help spark the resurgence of creative and artistic programs that are vital to a child’s growth. 

Click here to make a contribution. Backers can choose from a number of attractive rewards. Perks will by August 2016. 

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