Bell Terminals Launch Payment Processing Solutions To Help Businesses Become EMV Compliant

The merchant processing company provides EMV terminals, POS terminals, and mobile payment solutions.

Bell Terminals who help lower the cost of payment processing fees are pleased to announce they offer a wide range of payment processing solutions to help businesses become EMV compliant. The new regulations were introduced in October 2015. However, according to reports, only 60% of businesses in America are fully compliant.

The EMV compliant regulations came into force to provide consumers with greater protection and to increase the fight against credit card fraud. The move has been described as one of the biggest shake-ups in the payment processing industry and has seen a huge drop in crime. Although the new regulations have helped to cut down crime, 40 percent of businesses in America are still not EMV compliant.

A spokesman for Bell Terminals who offer a free analysis said: “By not becoming EMV compliant if a business suffers from credit card fraud they will now be held responsible.”

Bell Terminals are helping businesses to avoid financial loss by helping them to become EMV compliant. Through their help, a business could avoid incurring the financial strain of when a fraudulent transaction takes place. Some of these credit card crimes can run into tens of thousands of dollars while others can be as little as a few hundred dollars. However, no matter how little the financial loss is, by not being EMV compliant a business could be forced to close due to the mounting losses.

In 2015, it was reported that the total loss regarding credit card fraud was $190 billion in America, by working with Bell Terminals and becoming EMV compliant that could be drastically reduced.

Bell Terminals who provide a range of payment processing solutions including EMV terminals, POS terminals, and mobile payment solutions has gained a reputation for helping their clients reduce their credit card processing fees.

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Bell Terminals provide a wide range of payment processing solutions. They also help businesses to become EMV compliant. They have become experts in working with businesses of all sizes and helping them reduce.

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