Touch4Biz Provides A Business-to-Business Global Marketplace to Extend International Commerce

The business to business selling and buying platform allows a business to reach a global audience.

Touch4Biz is a free business-to-business global online marketplace that is dedicated to connecting suppliers and buyers around the world. With over 620,000 registered companies, the free B2B marketplace empowers businesses of all sizes to connect with national and international markets and buyers to grow their business and expand their reach.

At its efficient and easy-to-use website, Touch4Biz quickly and affordably brings buyers and suppliers from around the world together, removing language and distance barriers. Offering a unique way of trading, Touch4Biz addresses the frustrations of outdated buyer/supplier platforms, enabling its clients to build solid business relationships while broadening the reach and recognition of their brand.

Touch4Biz’s services ( enable suppliers to contact buyers directly, providing quotes and offers through a direct digital conversation. The company’s commitment to quality ensures suppliers find reputable buyers renowned for swift payment and with excellent communication. Buyers can receive as many quotes as they desire for needed products from a wide range of qualified suppliers. This wide selection, along with the current feedback from other buyers, allows any buyer to choose the most affordable options without compromising quality.

Suppliers can create an account for free to list their products and services. Once a product is set up, hundreds of qualified buyers will have access to the product information and can request a quote directly. Suppliers can also post special promotions or time-limited deals to attract buyers. Touch4Biz also offers a wide variety of features designed to maximize product exposure and selling potential. The company empowers suppliers to grow their business and build long term, profitable relationships with buyers.

Buyers register for free at the Touc4Biz website and receive free quotes on request, allowing for timely comparison of products, quotes and suppliers. This ensures that every buyer finds the best product to meet their needs. Once a quote has been selected, the buyer contacts the supplier directly to consummate the purchase. All suppliers are rated by buyers to provide assurance and confidence and minimize risk.

Touch4biz is committed to customer satisfaction for both buyers and suppliers, available to serve its clients’ needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week regardless of time zone. With customized services and translation services available, the company removes any barriers to success, allowing small and large businesses to enjoy the benefits of global trading.

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About Touch4Biz

Allowing businesses to grow globally, Touch4Biz is a global marketplace where companies can advertise their brand, connect with interested buyers and make promotional offers; and consumers can quickly find the best quotes and take advantage of promotions. Launched by a team of global business experts, the Touch4Biz unique marketplace connects suppliers and buyers around the world.

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