9 Of the Richest People Of All Time – Who They Are and How They Attained Their Wealth

“Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft, is one of the richest people of all time, in the world, and consistently has been on the top of the Forbe’s list for his massive fortune.”
Throughout history, industrialists, technology pioneers, and rulers of kingdoms and vast lands built and controlled massive wealth. Here we explore who these people are and how they attained their wealth and expose who the 9 richest people of all time in the world are.

Phoenix, Ariz – May 24, 2016 – Attaining massive wealth and building an empire has been a fascinating topic for centuries and something that many business people and world leaders aspire to achieve. This release explores nine of the all-time richest people in the world and where they come from.

Aside from the usual suspects that likely come to mind first – Bill Gates, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie, the list that emerges beyond these three industry icons is quite incredible. Basic details on each of the wealthiest people are provided in this release, with the full detailed article available at ArcaFinance.com:

Bill Gates – currently the richest man alive in the world today, Mr. Gates is the famous founder of Microsoft, the software firm that created the operating system that runs a majority of the computers in the world, and created some of the most widely used software applications on the planet such as the Internet Explorer browser, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook email . His current net worth is estimated at $140 billion.

Alan “Alan the Red” Rufus – the nephew of William the Conqueror of England, was a brutal lord of his expanding empire, and died in 1093 with what is estimated to be in today’s dollars, worth $194 billion.

John D. Rockefeller – known primarily for his investments in the oil industry with his Standard Oil company, he quickly amassed a very large fortune which in today’s money, is $341 billion.

Andrew Carnegie – creator of U.S. Steel that supported the massive building and infrastructure of the industrial revolution, its no wonder he became one of the richest people of all time. He amassed wealth that equates to $372 billion in today’s dollars.

Joseph Stalin – one of the most infamous dictators that controlled the USSR, which at the time and still today is one of the largest economies in the world – Stalin had direct control over $7.5 trillion dollars in current day money.  Yes, that’s trillion with a “t”.

Akbar – was a ruler of India, which at time controlled a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product. Similar to Stalin, he controlled an empire that was responsible for multiple trillions of dollars in business on a global scale.

Emperor Shenzong – who ruled during the China’s Song Dynasty which produced approximately 30% of the world’s output, definitely puts him in the top 3 spot.

August Ceasar – who once personally owned the entire empire of Egypt and was responsible for a sizable portion of the world’s economic output, had an estimated worth that would amount to $4.6 trillion today.

Mansa Musa – by far the wealthiest man of all time and former King of Timbuktu, his wealth, influence, and control became so large and expansive that it’s hard to comprehend what it would translate in current day dollars.  Given the little known information and considering the others on this list, it is estimated that it would be in excess of $10 trillion.

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