Websites Embrace Email YoYo’s Email Validation API To Stop Spam Signups

Website owners are finding that installing a email validation API on their web forms is reducing spam and fake signups. Customers are calling and discussing with Email YoYo the problem of bots creating fake signups and clogging their websites.

Email YoYo is the leading email validation company that provides real-time email verification and list cleaning services. They strongly believe that for an email marketing campaign to be highly successful, ensuring that companies have a well-maintained email list is crucial. helps email marketers identify invalid emails and validates bulk lists through cleaning to ensure that businesses are reaching the right subscribers and potential customers. Proper hygiene is essential to success.

The thought of a email validation API service is to determine whether an email address exists in real-time, before it is used for transactional or bulk email.

That helps avoid undeliverable messages which can trigger spam-blocking actions by the receiving system. Website owners and SaaS application managers are embracing the benefits in droves with an uptick of spam signups.

“We are helping customers by ensuring their visitors are putting in the email address correctly, so if the user accidentally has a typo in their email address, our API can correct it in real-time,” said Case Tomlin, AIM of Email YoYo.

“Email YoYo’s API division has customers calling every week because automated bots are creating fake spam signups and messing up their email lists. Some are getting over 40,000 signups a day. It’s crazy. As soon as they put our email validation API in place the fake signups stop and that is excellent,” Tomlin went on to say.

Learn more about the email validation API service and to try it free on your own website, mobile app, or web applications.

About Email YoYo:

Email YoYo is the leader in real-time email validation for top brands through the latest API technology and list cleaning services for lead generation companies, marketing agencies, and SaaS services.

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