90s Fashion Is Making A Comeback And IFCHIC Has The Best Styles For Active Women

It is a fact that fashion is cyclical.  The latest fashion and styles that are becoming reborn and making a comeback is the fashion of the 90s.  The 1990s was a great decade for women’s fashion, and twenty plus years later 90s fashion is experiencing a resurgence.  While not all aspects of 90s style are seeing a rebirth, several have emerged with a vengeance including overalls, cropped tops, chokers, and flannel.

For those of us that can remember, think back two decades or so to recall images of a young Drew Barrymore in a sleeveless white t-shirt and denim overalls, and the energetic cast of 90201 in brightly colored shirts, cropped tops and jeans.  These are the styles that are having an influence on today’s women’s fashion.

Overalls are especially making a comeback.  Whether long or short, baggy or fitted, today’s overalls provide a look that is a chic alternative to the popular jumpsuit.  Adding flannel or plaid incorporates the 90s grunge look.  Wearing a crop top beneath is a sexy way to show skin and crosses the boundaries of downtown cool and uptown chic.

Rather than just re-visiting the resurging fashions of the 90s, today’s stylish lady is recreating those vintage looks by adding a modern and more current flair.  The key to a successful style for today is the capture the essence of the 90s but keep a fresh and trendy vibe.  By blending pieces like a crop top with modern skinny jeans, today’s woman is setting her own trend by reliving the style of the past.

IFCHIC offers a wide range of today’s trendy fashions for the busy woman on the go, including styles that reflect the looks of the 90s.  Working with many leading designers, IFCHIC offers only the best in affordable and stylish clothing.  Right now the company is offering 15% off of all new customers’ first purchases.

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IFCHIC is an online fashion website tailored for contemporary women and their busy lifestyle.  The company handpicks products from a wide range of brilliant designers and selects the styles best suited for an active lifestyle.  For busy women with little free time but a love for fashion, IFCHIC has the styles for you.

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