Thomas Booker’s Latest Thriller “The Persian Woman” Offers a Refreshing, New Take on Tired Muslim Stereotypes

In the wake of the many terrorist attacks organized by Muslim extremists, it is easy to buy into the stereotype that all Muslims are intent upon destroying the West. That is why the latest thriller by acclaimed author Thomas Booker, “The Persian Woman” is so appealing. Instead of relying upon old and hackneyed stereotypes, Booker installs a Muslim woman as the FBI agent protagonist who is racing against the clock to stop a terrorist plot against the United States. In counterpoint is the other hero, Navy SEAL Jeffrey Quinn who initially distrusts Special Agent Parvin Sassani but learns to respect and, even, love this proud, honorable Islamist woman. “The Persian Woman” is currently available on

Thomas Booker has crafted a literary masterpiece that is topical not only for its thrilling anti-terror elements, but also for rich, fully realized characters that explode common stereotypes. These characters are thoroughly engrossing as they meet and overcome societal, technological and institutional roadblocks in a plot the moves at breakneck pace. “The Persian Woman” is an important novel that will undoubtedly take its place alongside other major literary works like “To Kill a Mockingbird” that pulled back the veil on discrimination.

While “The Persian Woman” has thoroughly entertained those readers who read it, it has yet to find the global audience it deserves. In an effort to find this audience, Thomas is initiating a new marketing campaign. He has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure the $24,500 needed to finance this important project. In return for your generous support, you may be eligible to receive a copy of “The Persian Woman”.

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