GPEL Launches 3D Shaped Real Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG G5

Leading accessory glass manufacturer GPEL has launched yet another iteration of its famous Real Tempered Glass brand of screen protectors, this time for the LG G5 handset, complete with state of the art 3D shaping.

San Diego, CA – 24th May, 2016 – Users of the new LG G5 can finally rejoice – Leading smartphone accessory brand GPEL has launched its toughened Japanese Asahi Real Tempered Glass screen protector for the new LG G5 handset.

Cheap plastic films aside, most other glass screen protectors lazily cut corners by only covering the flat touchscreen portion of the phone’s face, leaving the rest of the display glass at the curved top edge exposed and vulnerable to damage, effectively negating having a screen protector at all.  As anyone with some experience with glass knows, damage to one portion can spread and lead to damage throughout.

“We know how precious smartphones are to users, especially given the increasingly hefty price tags; thus we are glad to announce that we have finally finished developing our Real Tempered Glass screen protector for the LG G5.  This latest development will feature all the quality you’ve come to expect from us, at an affordable price,” stated a GPEL spokesperson.

Manufactured with quality Japanese Asahi glass that’s chemically strengthened via ion-exchange, the toughened glass will be able to withstand most everyday abuse while remaining flawless.  It’s designed to absorb the impact of most accidental drops and bumps, providing an invaluable addition to those who wish to maintain the value of their excessively expensive phones, especially to all us clumsy folk.  

“Being an industry expert, we know all it takes to deliver a quality glass protector.  Our glass is made with the latest chemical and heat strengthening treatments and state of the art three dimensional shaping methods to ensure the best product for our customers.  We don’t take shortcuts with our products and each every screen protector is individually and meticulously inspected for quality,” the GPEL spokesperson continued.

True and exact 3D shaping is hard to come by on the market, as many manufacturers opt for cheaper 2.5D shaping or otherwise imperfect fitting pseudo 3D shaping.  The less advanced 2.5 dimensional form while allowing sharp edges to be rounded for a better feel, can still only produce a flat plane of glass.  Truly three dimensional shaping enables the production of glass that actually curves beyond the two dimensional plane, allowing for glass that fits perfectly on top of rounded glass displays, which has become increasingly popular.

To this point the GPEL spokesperson added about the screen protector’s ease of installation.  “It is virtually impossible for a user to botch the installation, that’s how easy it is.  The exact fitting shape makes aligning the protector effortless, and once that’s done, all that’s needed to apply the glass to the screen is a simple press to the edges; bubbles are a thing of past.”  She further stressed its stealthy functionality.  “It’s so befitting that we bet you’ll forget it’s there and others won’t even notice it.  I can even say it feels smoother than the screen itself, and sensitivity and clarity is absolutely unaffected; plus the extra oleophobic coatings make cleaning smudges easy.”

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“What separates us from the competition is our attention to detail.  We promise our customers the best possible product, and we don’t release anything that isn’t up to our highest standards.”

A name of wide repute across the global mobile device accessory sector, GPEL has been manufacturing tempered glass for over a decade now.  The company boasts more than 15 million customers worldwide.

For more information or to purchase 3D Shaped Real Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your LG G5 please visit the website here.

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