Naval Academy Graduate, David Voigts, is Walking Across the Nation to Create Public Awareness of ‘Targeted Individuals.’

Maryland – 24 May, 2016 – Former Naval officer and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, David Voigts, is trekking across America, from Delaware to California, along the American Discovery Trail to raise awareness of Targeted Individuals. He is planning to start his journey in May, and plans to take at least seven months to complete the trail, while educating the community along the way.

Voigts has a degree in Control Systems Engineering and served as a Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare and Nuclear Billets. While in the service, he became aware of an ongoing illegal non-consensual human experimentation project studying human-machine interface. This illegal and unethical project uses non-consenting victims referred to as “Targeted Individuals” to conduct various psychological and physical experiments with the use of electronic warfare weapons, that essentially torture the victims psychologically and physically. Furthermore, the program stretches beyond that, and extends the use of these tools for purposes of suppression, retaliation, extortion, abuse, and subjugation of innocent American Citizens.

This important social issue affects hundreds of thousands of individuals in America. As these weapons are often used covertly, many victims of this electronic harassment, including men, women, and children, may not know they are targeted and are not able to recognize many of the symptoms.

The modern technologies that are capable of tracking, remotely monitoring, influencing, and controlling anyone are incredible. Furthermore, the reports of this have sky-rocketed since 9/11, when budgets ballooned and oversight disappeared. People are now targeted for extortion, retaliation, experimentation, abuse, subjugation, or simply for random social engineering. The perpetrators are insidious, and it could literally happen to anyone. 

For David, it is a matter of his ethical responsibility as an ex-Navy officer, and citizen, to bring such crimes into the spotlight and to bring relief to the victims. These weapons are classified and meant only for use on enemy combatants in declared warzones abroad. It is illegal and unconstitutional to use them in one’s own country, and against one’s own citizens, for any purpose.

David’s cross-country walk can be tracked online, and he posts his daily itinerary online. Enroute, he distributes letters and cards and wears a backpack billboard with QR codes that link to web pages with more information on this issue and the trip. He also shares information on his Facebook and WordPress blog. After the trip, he can be engaged for public speaking and writing on the issue.

We have a duty as Americans to end the suffering of targeted individuals, and to end the unlawful use of directed energy weapons. By raising public awareness, we can help the victims, and put an end these illegal programs. We must immediately stop the criminal elements in our government, and their allies in the power elite, who are carrying out these human rights violations.

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