FYCKET: New App to Help Drivers Fight Unfair Traffic Tickets

With 80% of the tickets dismissed, FYCKET has turned out to become a smarter way to handle parking tickets!

May 25, 2016, New York, NY, USA– FYCKET (Fight Your Ticket) is one revolutionary and effective app designed to help those who need an adjudicator in NYC to appeal their unjust parking tickets. Teaming up with lawyers with the best reputations and highest dismiss rate, making a parking ticket appeal has never been easier. Created by Tobysee Inc, FYCKET is a clear, straightforward app with no hidden fee.

According to company’s spokesperson Steve, “Right now, over 80% of the parking tickets have been dismissed. We have the selection of best lawyers including retired judge to appeal for your moving violations. When your parking ticket is dismissed, you only pay half of the fine, or will refund all fees – and we’ll even cover any late fees if your contest is lost. For moving violations outside of NYC, small fixed fees start from $99 dollars, which will be fully refund if for whatever reason the ticket is not dismissed, reduced or deferred.”

When it comes to fighting parking tickets, people do it on their own. Besides, contesting parking tickets can turn out to be a real nightmare, as it involving gathering evidence, writing your statement, mailing it and going through all the complicated tasks that can be quite frustrating. However, the good news is that with ‘FYCKET’, one can contest a parking ticket with just few taps.

FYCKET brings you easy ways and approaches to fight back your traffic ticket by contesting it. The application supports contesting both moving and parking ticket. What you need to do is while using the application you can snap 3 photos or scan the barcode to upload the ticket. Within few seconds, the hand selected lawyers will take care of further process to make sure that the ticket gets right served. Moreover, it guarantees 100% refund if the parking ticket is not dismissed or if the moving ticket outside NYC is not dismissed, reduced or deferred. The application is quick in the process and provides lawyers info with real time updates of the status for your tickets submitted. Apart from just submitting the tickets, users get a chance to earn coupons by simply sharing the app” further commented Steve.  

For more information, or to download this app, simply visit: https://www.fycket.com/

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Founded in 2005 by Fanjin, Tobysee Inc is a NYC, USA based firm that specializes in creating innovative apps utilizing best technical engineering and coding. Fanjin is available for media appearances and interviews. 

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